Hi, I'm Meghan Bennett and I've been married to my wonderful husband, Grant, since 2008. As of New Years of 2010, we've been living in the Kern River Valley as Grant begins his ministry as the Pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Kernville. It's been an interesting ride as I try to figure out how to be a Pastor's wife; be everything my husband needs me to be for him as well as help serve at church. Now I'll be adding mother to this list because in June 2011, we'll be adding a baby girl to our family. Grandparents are super thrilled as this will be the first grandchild on both sides of our families. I started a blog GreenMegsAndHamm in 2009 documenting my efforts at making menus at a budget once Grant and I first married. This new blog will document the transition for our family as we move from carefree adults to responsible parents that stay in every night rather than checkin out the town (which has been severely limited this past year since moving to the Kern River Valley; this is more of a dinner OR movie kinda town).

Here are some pictures of my married life:

Wedding Day: S, C, L, S, and Me

Honeymoon 2
Honeymoon: Grant and I @ Disneyland
Forrest Home: In Laws, Mother, Siblings, and Us.

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