Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 32

32 weeks!
8 months!

     This week was crazy hectic!
     My baby shower was on Saturday, and the week leading up to it was Spring Break, so I had plenty of time to get everything done... but does that ever happen?! no, of course not. Not living in Bakersfield when all you need to do is go to all the stores in Bako definitely has it's disadvantages. But thankfully, I was able to get everything done with the help of my lovely family and friends and it turned out great.

     We had a wonderful time at the shower, and I hope all those that came had a great time as well. So many people that I love were able to come! It was great to see people that I haven't seen in quite some time: friends from old jobs, from previous churches, from high school! I loved it! I wish I was able to spend more time with everyone individually, but I tried to make the rounds and visit everyone as much as possible! It was quite overwhelming to see so many people come out that love me, it was just heart warming. Thank you very much to all those that came to the shower, and to those that tried to come, but regrettably had emergencies to attend to.

     Sunday morning was quite hectic too: G preached the sunrise service out on the lake at 6:30, so we were up ridiculously early. Then we went home to change and finish getting ready, and we ran out for a quite bite to eat at the Cracked Egg, it was such a nice quiet time to sit down and chat together amidst a busy day! Then we ran to church and began preparing for the day. I had praise team practice at 9:15, choir practice at 9:45 and then church started at 10:45. So for that short 30 minute time span in between choir and church starting, I was running around with my head cut off trying to make last minute changes to the worship program, go to the bathroom, get the room set up for the potluck after church.
     The choir did amazing! I was so proud of them! Everyone was commenting about how wonderful they did! The singing portion of the worship service was also great, we tried to keep it really upbeat the whole time and have some fun, and it seemed like people were really getting into it and having a great time, we sang: Christ Arose, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, and The Old Rugged Cross. We showed some hilarious video about the story of Easter as told by two little sisters, and everyone was dying of laughter, and isn't that the way church should be? Filled with joy and laughter! Then G preached a wonderful message, and we had 10 decisions for the Lord! What could be better!?

     After church, we rushed over to the fellowship hall for the potluck; which was a success! It was my first time in charge of one of the potlucks, and I made a few changes, so we were unsure how it would turn out, but everyone's feedback has been really positive. And during the potluck, the sweet sweet ladies of the church surprised me with an impromptu baby shower! They, including G, were able to keep a secret from me for several weeks as they all pitched in to buy us the stroller that we wanted. How wonderful! It was SUPER overwhelming, I didn't know quite what to say, I think I turned beat red, and just sat there with an open mouth in shock! For someone that loves attention, I sure don't know how to handle it, and get quite nervous when that many people are giving me attention. I feel very awkward in those moments. Several ladies also gave me little dresses and bibs, and a few even made handmade quilts for Abby. It was just so wonderful, surprising, and thoughtful!

Things I've Noticed this Week:
     Well, so much for the swelling going away. It seems here to stay. My fat feet are having the worst time fitting into any shoe, I have to wear flip flops. Darn feet! My belly was quite itchy all week, that was loads of fun! It's getting more difficult to get out of bed, rolling over and trying to prop myself up it so frustrating. And then getting back into bed after racing to the bathroom is just as frustrating. I get so uncomfortable. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe my body is just achy, it might also be a little heartburn returning as I lie flat again. Whatever it is, I hate it. It's not welcome; please go away! Sleep is supposed to be a wonderful time, not an irritant. Speaking of sleep, I am still able to sleep well, which from what I hear from others, is quite unusual. I don't know exactly at what point sleep begins to be nonexistent for pregnant women, but I'm sure it's right around this time, if not soon. And thankfully, it hasn't hit me yet.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 31

Week 31, wow!
The Bump says that my baby girl is going through brain and nerve development now, that her irises are beginning to react to light now, and that her five senses are in working order!

     I'm starting to get slightly freaked out now.
     The time has come where it's really getting closer now, and the reality is starting to sink in... we are taking a child home after this. At my doctor's appt on Thursday, the nurse said that my appt.s will all be 2 weeks apart now, instead of a month, then they'll be one week apart, and then, I'll be a mommy.... this freaked me out... my eyes got really big and I smiled really big, trying to overcompensate for the freak-out party my insides were having!
     This sting of reality is probably also due to the fact that G's cousin, J, just had her baby last Saturday. I've been looking at all of her precious pictures of baby A, he's so adorable! But he's so tiny, usually I don't end up seeing babies until they're several weeks old, and they've gained some weight and length. But I'm seeing him right after birth, and how teensy he is, wow! Seeing pictures and updates of them after returning home and settling back into normal life is really starting to trigger the reality in my mind of just how much our lives are about to change.

     This Thursday was my doctor's appt. It went well. The nurse told me that my stomach was measuring right on target, she found Abby's heartbeat right away and it sounded great, she said that Abby was one active girl based on the kick counts I've been tracking (always either 10 or 20 minutes). I gained 4 pounds this month, which puts my total at 11 pounds. The nurse seems to be okay with this (I know it's not much compared to others, but she said she wanted my total weight gain to be from 11-15 pounds). I have 4 more alloted pounds to gain within the next 9 weeks. Ha! I better stop giving in to the yummy food around me... like the delicious McNally burger and fries I had for lunch today at their burger shack! O dear was it good! Anyways, based on my 3rd trimester tests, I do NOT have gestational diabetes, but I am a little anemic, so she is having me take iron pills every day now.

     My shower is this weekend: I am so excited! Some fun things I ordered for it came in this week, and I can't wait to use them at the shower.... for those of you coming, here's a sneak peak!

Sweet Lulu
     The first picture is what I saw upon opening the box... not just plain peanuts for these folks, no way! Cutesy little crimped paper... adorable! I got some fun striped straws, fun goody bags for the dessert/candy table, and of course some cute cupcake papers for the delicious cupcakes to come! Can't wait!

This week:
     Well, things are starting to get a bit more uncomfortable now. Getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night is just down right frustrating! My body is not used to walking and bending after being straight and resting for so long. If I sit for too long and get up, the area underneath my belly is SO not happy about it! I've been trying to chug the water like crazy, and I think that the swelling in my foot has gone down slightly, I think they're still a little swollen, but it's not as noticeable as before. I still get heartburn pretty regularly every night, and sometimes throughout the day. It's pretty mild though, so it's nothing that is really upsetting. One thing that has been pretty noticeable now: when I have to pee... I HAVE to pee! If I wait too long b/c I'm out and about, or in the middle of subbing a class, the walk to the bathroom is pretty painful. I'm huffing and puffing my way there! I'm sure it's an attractive sight!


Side note: Thank you husband for snapping the side shot while my mouth was in the midst of talking to you. It made for a very attractive picture!

ps. I'm wearing my $10 steal Jean Leggings from Old Navy that I got this week! Score! I refuse to call them Jeggings though... I'll stick with Jean Leggings, it makes me feel better about myself!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painting Abigail's Room

     This week has been great!
     A lot has been accomplished, thanks to our wonderful family!
     Last week was our last birthing class; I'm kinda bummed, but it also meant that our Saturday's will be freed up to get some things done around the house that need to be done in preparation for Abigail's arrival.
     For example, G's parents and sister, C, came up Friday night and we all went to sister S's play at the high school, The Bride of Brackenloch, which was wonderful, the students did such a great job! And then, early Saturday morning, they all came over for breakfast, and the girls helped me paint Abigail's room while the guys had a nice morning out on the town together.

     We were able to get three walls painted and the fourth wall mostly taped off and ready to paint stripes.
There were just a few dark spots on the wall that needed to be touched up with some white before we taped it and painted over it. And the fourth wall slants up, so there was no way we could reach the very top in order to tape the last stripe. Hopefully this week G will be able to help me reach the top and finish taping that off, and then I can get to painting the strips, and then the room will be fully painted!

     I am so happy with the gray that I ended up picking out! I was really nervous about the shade. I spent an hour in Ace hardware store on Thursday going through the stacks of papers looking for the perfect gray. How on earth is one supposed to tell what an entire room will look like from one tiny little 1x1 square on paper that is surrounded by other shades?! geez! Thankfully I just went with my gut, and picked out one, and it looks fabulous! It looks good with the lights on and off, which was a concern as well.

These were the shades it came down to. San Antonio Gray won!

Before: View from door

Before: View from closet

Here is Mama C and sister C getting started!
C taking care of cutting in around the door.
(We forgot to take off the vent, so we ended up getting a little paint on it, thankfully sister S came to the rescue and took it off and cleaned it for us!)

Sister S working the roller, while sister C cuts in from the floor.
Mama C busting out that wall!

These are the stripes that are taped off and almost ready to go. The post-its are to denote what stripes will be white, so that we would know where to put the tape, and then it will make it easier to paint the opposite stripes gray.
 Mama C touching up the small wall by the closet.
And the wall with the door is shown completely done. You can see the spot behind the door that needed to have a little touch up of white before we taped it off. That will be my job this week. Finish taping that wall off.

     Things went really well, and we took everyone out for the best pizza ever at Pizza Barn in Kernville afterwards to celebrate and say thank you! I am so grateful to them for helping! And yes, even though I'm not in the pictures, I promise I didn't make them do all the work, I helped out. I just needed to take pictures along the way for my mom who was at her Women's Retreat and was unable to make it up to help paint.

     Thank you family for all your help, I am truly indebted to you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 30

     Yesterday was 30 weeks!
     I can't believe I've come this far.
     I remember when we first found out I was pregnant... every day I just thought about how LONG I would be pregnant for and how far off birth seemed... and now, the weeks are going by so quickly, and it's getting closer with every day, and Abigail's going to be here before I even know it!

Speaking of being here before we know it:
     G's cousin, J, went into labor Friday night and had her precious little baby boy yesterday morning! The umbilical cord was wrapped around baby Andrew's neck once she gave birth and he was immediately taken to the NICU. Four hours later, J was finally able to hold him. Pray for them as they await results for the tests to make sure that baby Andrew is okay. He is just the cutest little baby boy!

This week: 
     I'm still getting heartburn, but it's not as intense as it once was.
     My ankles have decided to stay swelled I think. Bummer. I'm trying to guzzle more water, but to no avail.
     My belly is a little bigger I think, more people comment on it every time I go out.
     I'm getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night several times a week, which some might think is not that much (shouldn't I be going several times a night?!), but I NEVER got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night before. Never! I would make my bladder suffer until it was time to get up in the morning. I would rather be in agony throughout the night and toss and turn than get up and relieve myself. It is impossible for me to go back to sleep once I get up and walk around for a bit. So the fact that I'm actually getting up now to go is a big deal!
     I'm still wearing normal tops, I find that I have many shirts that are quite long and still are working just great. However, I am in maternity pants every day now.
     I have a doctor's appt. this Thursday, so I'll get to hear Abigail's heartbeat again!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confessions of a Lazy Human

     I had a revelation several weeks ago: I have become an internet junkie rather than a TV junkie. I never thought this would happen... ever! I grew up watching TV, I was obsessed with TV. I had my 2-3 shows that I would watch each night of the week, and I would freak if I missed any of them, thank goodness for the invention of the DVR, b/c I used to tape everything I would miss, and that was a pain. Buffy, Angel, Dawson's, Felicity, Heroes, Friends, Biggest Loser, you name it, I watched it. The previous list is quite meager. I won't bore you with the whole list, mostly b/c I can't for the life of me remember all of them either.

     I remember the day I was in the library, surrounded by fellow academics, and I was talking on the phone with The Future Husband, and he mentioned how we would probably not have TV (cable) once we married in the summer. I about had a fit in the stacks. I was trying to hold it together and not bust out blubbering like a pitiful 15 yr old who just got denied by a boy. However, once we married, that whole TV thing never panned out. Last year however, The Husband started bringing the idea back, suggesting we get rid of the cable. I would scream and cry right there whenever it was mentioned. There was just no possible way that I could do without Project Runway, Top Chef, Chuck, etc.

     *Disclaimer: My husband didn't want to get rid of the TV, just the cable. We would still have the TV to watch movies (and more importantly, for him to play his Xbox).

     But something happened recently, that I cannot explain. For someone who is so completely obsessed with TV, I have not really cared about it for the past year. And here's the even bigger revelation: It's been quite nice actually. I never thought I'd ever admit to that. The Husband has always been the internet guru, he could and does spend hours upon hours on the internet each day just searching around. I like it, I use it, I find it useful, but I never was entertained by just hitting the search button and being taken to random sites.

     However, I think getting pregnant has kinda changed things. I started searching ideas for showers, and nurseries, and I was getting sent website suggestions from my good friend H, who is the queen of awesome finds on the internet, and I just got hooked! I can't wait to get onto the internet when I wake up in the morning, the second I get home from work or church, and I could spend the rest of the evening in front of the computer now.

     One thing I find interesting about this, one would think that this has just transferred my laziness from one object to another. However, I have actually found, here's revelation number three, that it is making me more motivated than I've ever been before. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a lazy person, and I will always have good intentions that are never met, but reading all these blogs of other mother's and what their days look like is actually quite motivating. It is making me want to be the perfect mom.

     This week I have gotten the dishes done quickly, which is the worst chore for me, I HATE dishes! I've done several loads of laundry, which I also loathe. Today, instead of just shoving my groceries into the fridge as I usually do, I decided to clean out all the outdated/moldy items, whereupon I discovered some nasty spills and messes in the fridge, and then, instead of leaving them, I actually cleaned the fridge.... I took a rag and cleaned the fridge, I have NEVER done that before. I don't know what came over me. Now my fridge looks so pretty with all my new, fresh, unmoldy food. And I love it. I feel like I've accomplished so much.

     This is great news for me, b/c I have always wanted to be a mother, but I've always been severely worried b/c I recognize that I am an extremely lazy and selfish person. And I know you can't be lazy and selfish in order to be a good parent, so I usually fear for my poor children's future. This new turn gives me hope.

     *Update: The Husband ended up not getting rid of cable, and I'm actually the one who has suggested maybe getting rid of it to save money once Abigail gets here, and he's the one who said no to that. WHAT?! Crazy! I know! I'm sure I'd be fine without it, it'd be an adjustment, but I'd get used to it. But in all honesty, I'm glad I won't have to miss out on You're Cut Off on Monday nights.

     Were there any obstacles you had to overcome when you became a parent, or are there any you are trying to overcome right now?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Name Reveal

     We sent out baby shower invitations several weeks ago (if you did not receive an invitation, but would like to come, please let me or my mother know; I did not have enough invitations to send to everyone, I apologize in advance). Anywho, my friend S pointed out that it was really neat that I chose to announce baby girl's name through sending out the invitations. I had no clue, but that's what I did.

     I figured that since it was officially announced through the invitations, I should officially announce it to the online world as well...

     Baby Girl Bennett's name will be: Abigail Rose Bennett.

     Now, G and I had a few guidelines for ourselves in choosing a name.
          1. G is adamant that the name must past the Name Game test (meghan meghan bo beghan, etc)
          2. G does not want any name that crosses genders. If it's popular for both sexes, then it's out.
          3. I do not want a name that is super popular/current. While I enjoy many popular names, I hated being labeled by my middle name in school, and didn't want that for my child. And yes, I realize it could still happen, but the likelihood decreases when we choose a more rare name.
          4. I really like older names; being a history major, and reading all of these history books and stories about the past, I have come to love old fashioned names. There is something so elegant and strong about them.
          5. G and I, but mostly G, feel that the meaning of the name is super important. (Abigail means: Joy of the Father, Source of Joy, how pretty!)

     Immediately after our ultrasound appointment in which we found out the gender, we went to dinner with our parents. Of course, we were all excited to finally start talking names since we actually had a purpose this time; rather than our parents suggesting names with hope that one day one of us girls would get the hint and get knocked up already!

     One suggested name was Abigail, which I had already written down as a possible name in my journal. On the way to the car after dinner, G mentioned that he liked the name Abigail. We didn't really talk about it too much more after that, I figured that we would sit down and spend some more time looking and searching through names until we decided on the perfect name for our little bundle. However, any time I mentioned another name, G would always come back to Abigail, which I liked, I just thought we wanted to check out other names in case we found something else we also liked.

     Finally, G just suggested we go with Abigail b/c it was a name that we both liked (we have never agreed on names easily when previously discussed), and there was nothing else suggested that he liked more. Rather than continue searching and wondering what we would choose, we should just go with what we already really like; so we did. One of the things I really like about the name Abigail, is that she will have options in the future. She can go by Abby, Abigail, or Gail. I never had that option, and thought it would be neat that our baby girl would get that.

     Then it was onto the middle name. G felt that middle names were unnecessary, I passionately disagreed. I mean, what on earth would you call your child when they've done something wrong in order to alert them that they're in trouble?! No, one NEEDS a middle name!

     Now, G and I decided early on that we did not want to name our children using family names, to the disappointment of our parents. But I thought that middle names would be a great way to incorporate our families into our children's lives. Rose was one of the family names that I thought sounded wonderful with Abigail. I really liked that it was one syllable (I know, I know, the rule is: Whatever the first name, the middle name should have the opposite amount of syllables; but I broke it, b/c I'm rebellious!). I searched for many one syllable names for the middle name, but found nothing that fit as well as Rose. G, however, didn't like it much, I'm sure it had to do with his thoughts on middle names to begin with.

     RoseAnne is my mother's middle name, she was named after her grandma. And G's sister S's middle name is also Rose. Come to find out, that she was also named after a grandma somewhere down the family tree. Once I found that out, it just really began to cement itself in my mind, and I couldn't think of anything else. It was perfect to me. Now, just to convince G.

     Several weeks ago, G came up to me and relented, saying that he approved of Rose. Happy day!

     So, the hunt was over! We were able to painlessly, for the most part, pick out our little bundle's name.

     Little Abigail Rose, we can't wait to see you and say 'Hi' in person!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 29

     We are at week 29, and baby girl is now the size of a Squash!

     According to The Bump she is approximately 15.2 - 16.7 inches, and 2.5 - 3.8 pounds. 

     WOW! The Bump also says that baby girl is beginning to get a burst of energy around this time, and because things are starting to get squished as she grows, I will begin to feel her kick and jab much more often! My good friend, S, came up this weekend to help me clean out baby girl's room so we can begin prepping for painting day next Saturday, and S was able to feel her kick many times (She was very excited and screamed.... just a few times, it was great!) I really do love that other people are able to feel her now, and that I can share my baby girl with others. It's the neatest thing to feel her kick and squirm around! 

     This week I got to go to Ikea with some friends to get some things for baby girl's room. Ikea is the place to go for good deals, my goodness! We checked out a new-to-me Ikea this time in Covina, it was spectacular! It carries more options for the items you want than the one in Burbank, and it was virtually empty, definitely worth the extra 30 minute drive! I was able to score some great finds for baby girl's room:

1. Black Side Table; 2. Blue Polka Dot Tray; 3. White Frames (for collage); 4. Red Clock with storage room inside (I didn't actually get this clock, but I daydream about how great it would look on the refinished dresser now!); 5. Ofelia Blanket shown in white (I got gray to match the room and throw over the rocking chair); 6. Yellow Floor Lamp; 7. Owl Print 

Things I've Noticed This Week:
     The heart burn is awful, and it rears it's ugly head usually when I lay down to go to bed at night, but sometimes it will hit me during the day, which is super frustrating! 
     My feet started swelling this week; my Bradley instructor said that it could be a combination of the sudden heat, activity, and not drinking enough water. My feet were really swelling after walking around all day at Ikea and I also did not have any water that day at all, shame shame on me. Today my feet are beginning to look more normal, which I like, so I am guzzling the water at this very moment; which tastes wonderful with this sudden hot weather we have! 
     Baby Girl is definitely starting to kick more and more. I began my kick counts last week, exciting, and last night when I got into bed, she was kicking to a beat every second or two for several minutes, it was a little freaky and cute! 


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