Sunday, June 26, 2011

41 Weeks

One week overdue...
I am frustrated.

No at Abby for not coming,
but at the doctor I met yesterday for not listening to me and talking to me about induction.
But I'll get to that later.
Hang in there, cause this is a long one!
Also, it's a bit detailed about my doctor's visit, so hopefully that doesn't bother anyone.

     I am feeling great still! This week has been the start of the uncomfortable stage for me. I've begun feeling a lot of pressure and more pain whenever I stand up or put pressure on one leg over another. It lasted for only a few days at the middle of the week, and seems to have subsided. I do feel some pressure underneath my belly when I stand up after sitting for some time. After I walk around for a few minutes it disappears. I've been basically doing nothing this week, which has been great. I had all these plans to get some last minute things done before she arrives, but in the end, finally decided to be honest with myself and admit that I wasn't going to do those things no matter how much I wanted them to get done. It has just felt so much better to sit here and do nothing all day. Usually it takes a few days of that for me to get irritated of nothingness... but not this week. I just want more! Plus, it's been really hot this week, so I think my body is exhausted before I even have a chance to motivate myself to do anything.

What the Doctor had to say:
     This was my first appt. that I left feeling none-too-pleased with what transpired. Plainly put... I was upset. It all started out fine. My doctor was running behind on her appt.s, and I had to pee, so I asked if I could be let back to use the restroom while I was waiting. After I used the restroom, the nurse said she'd quickly take my vitals, one less thing to worry about once I got called back. While getting my blood pressure taken, the nurses assistant realized I was overdue and called for a non-stress test knowing the doctor would want one. I went and got G, and she took us to a special room with several little areas all blocked off by curtains. They hooked me up to a monitor for about 20 minutes to listen to Abby's heart rate and see if I was having any contractions. Afterwards, the very nice gal did an ultrasound of the four corners of my belly. She didn't tell me any of the findings from either the non-stress test or the ultrasound, so I'm guessing everything was fine and normal.
     Then the doctor came in to do my exam. It all happened so quickly. She did the exam... except... it seemed to last for much longer than any of the previous exams I had had by my nurse or the other doctor I met with last week. Right when I just couldn't take the pain any longer and began scooting away from her she stopped and began talking to me. I barely heard her tell me I was about one cm dilated b/c all that stood out to me was when she said that she had stripped my membranes. Stripping of the Membranes is when the doctor separates the bag of waters from the outside of the uterus near the cervix. The hope is that the hormones released, when the bag of waters is separated from the uterus, will soften the cervix and prepare the uterus to contract. It MAY start contractions and help the cervix open. The key word here is: MAY! She then proceeded to explain that they would have me come in on Monday for another non-stress test and if nothing had happened by then, they would schedule the induction for the next day, Tuesday. She told me that my cervix was favorable and that I probably wouldn't make it that long. One question doc, If my cervix is so favorable, then what are you doing stripping my membranes?
     After her little speech, she looked at me for recognition of what she just spouted out to me, and I could do nothing but just stare at her. I wanted to, and had planned on, explain to her that we would not be coming in for an induction, but I was in such shock and disbelief at what she had just done that I couldn't even open my mouth. When she told me she had stripped my membranes I said, "What?!" and I think she kinda got the hint that I was not pleased, but she just kept right on talking. I think she assumed that I was in pain afterwards and that was why I was not responding, but it was really b/c I was so hurt that she would disrespect me so much as to not tell me before hand that she was going to do that so that I could tell her I didn't want her to, or even ask me if I wanted her to do that at all. I think they are so used to people not even knowing what that is or caring at all that they don't usually speak of it. I'm surprised she even told me that she did it; I'm sure they don't even tell most patients about it, and if they do, their patients don't even understand what it is, and they can quickly explain that they're just helping it along. This doctor didn't know she was dealing with a pregnant woman who had educated herself about all this, and did NOT want to be stripped of her membranes! gah!
     Needless to say, the second she left the curtained room, tears began streaming down my face. I felt so defeated; as if everything I had studied and worked so hard to learn had just been shoved down the drain by her quick and thoughtless action. It took some pep-talking from the husband for me to calm down and realize that all was not lost. This in no way affects Abby in a negative way b/c the studies done show that this procedure MIGHT lead to the start of contractions, but doesn't positively start labor. I am now trying to be very positive about the whole situation. Just b/c she decided to do this without asking me, does not mean that I will allow them to induce me. I am in control. I do not have to show up to the induction, much less my appt on Monday for another non-stress test. Police will not come knocking on my door if I decide to not show up. Heck, they will probably not even notice. I'm still undecided if I will go to my appt on Monday. If I do, I will make it very clear that they can schedule an appt for induction for Tuesday all they want, but I will not be showing up. I am in control of my body and my pregnancy! Can you tell that I continue telling myself this to help give me confidence!?  As a doctor, you cannot tell me, which she did, that it is totally fine going to 42 weeks, and then tell me that after 10 days they induce b/c of danger to the baby. Tuesday is NOT 42 weeks! At least let me go the full 42 weeks before we start talking induction!
     Ultimately, I would prefer that the membranes be stripped if that's one more thing that keeps me from being induced; that's fine. What I am not okay with, is that she did not say anything to me, and by doing it without saying anything she took control away from me into her own hands. THAT is what bothers me most! This is MY pregnancy, my body, my baby; not hers!
     I'm feeling great still. After yesterday's awful, discouraging, and embarrassing appt, G suggested we just go home. But I didn't see the point, b/c I would just go home and dwell on what just happened and be sad. Instead I wanted to go see a movie like we had originally planned to get my mind off things. During the movie I was uncomfortable and worried about bleeding through my shorts and felt every cramp. I finally went to the bathroom and saw that the bleeding from her little unmentioned procedure was finished and I had not, in fact, bled through my shorts. I immediately felt a surge of energy and relief! I no longer felt any more cramps either, and was able to enjoy the rest of the movie; X-Men was great by the way! I definitely think that my mind was allowing me to be more susceptible to the pain b/c I was feeling defeated and weak emotionally. I have heard that after this procedure you can be in pain for several hours to several days. Thankfully I have not been in any pain from it so far. But I could experience mild cramping or contractions for several days.
     My ankles are still swollen tree stumps!
     Heartburn still sucks!
     Being congested still sucks!
     Getting up in the middle of the night to pee stinks too! Thankfully it's only once. But one night this week I got up 3 times to pee. That's a record!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Caved...

I did it.
I swore I never would.
I broke my own promise to myself and the world.

I bought a pair of Crocs.
Yes, I know.
I'm ashamed.

Once upon a time:

My husband shamed me the day he came home and opened his box of crocs in front of me.
We were just married, and at that time, had the freedom and money to go to Disneyland every month with our annual passes. We just got back from our honeymoon, also at Disneyland, where we had spent our time making fun of "those" people that wore crocs. And then, one doomed day, my husband ordered a pair of his own, simply for the sole purpose of bothering me. He prized my embarrassment over his own hatred of the croc to complete this shenanigan! He really knows how to go the limit for a joke. 

Except that he started liking them... he actually bought into the trivial idea that comfort was more important than how these awful things looked. Gah! The shame!

     {Here is G flaunting his new crocs at me while I'm so kindly cooking his dinner, I should have thrown his food at him}

Evil G enjoying taunting me 
     {And here is my friend S encouraging G to my shock and disdain. She was unable to keep a straight face, however!}

Me? I've dealt with his love of the croc for the past few years now. 
I just sigh and roll my eyes whenever a new croc box arrives at our front door step (He is now the proud owner of approximately 20 pair).
I try to ignore the existence of them in my household, and that my own shoes have to share a closet with those beasts.

And yet, here I am, I have broken all my own rules... I now am the owner of a new pair of crocs. 
How could I have betrayed myself you ask?

Because, they finally made some that weren't awful looking.
They finally made some for normal people who aren't cooking like Mario Batali, or saving lives in hospitals. 

Everyone looks so nice, so lovely, and then there's Mario, with his bright orange crocs to ruin the picture!

Getting back on track:
They finally made some crocs for us normals out here that don't want to poke funky little trinkets into our shoes, or wear plastic shoes that make our feet look 5 times larger than they already are, or who shamefully care about our fashion and what we look like (I admit it, I do, and I should be ashamed, but I'm not). 

They finally made some crocs that look somewhat normal.

Sorry for the blurry photo

We'll see how it goes.
G said it takes a few days to wear the shoes in.
I only wore them one day before I was having some issues with the back of the shoe on my heel.
And I had some major sweating issues.
What is nice, is that I can just wash them right up when/if I get them scuffed or if my feet sweat a lot one day.
I'll be back for updates once I've had some time to wear them around for a while.

Update: I will shamefully say that I enjoy my crocs! I tend to sweat a lot in them, which stinks, but they're also pretty comfortable! And being able to wash them off is spectacular! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 40

Here we are!
40 weeks, full term!

     Pretty crazy!
     Abigail's dad is so very anxious for her arrival!
     He was hoping it would be on her due date, Saturday, but no luck.

     Everyone else is hoping it will be on their birthday.... we'll see who wins out!

     G and I have all these plans for this coming week, which is part of the reason he's anxious for her arrival, so that we can still do all the things we want to do this weekend. Which pretty much boils down to a few weddings he's doing on Saturday (yes, a few, not just one), and the rehearsals on Friday. We are really excited about these weddings, and we really don't want to miss them. We've been praying that God brings Abby at the right time so that we can still be a part of all the other things we want to do! G has also been talking to Abby a lot lately coaxing her to come quickly! We really want to have our cake and eat it too... it's so much fun that way! So, we're hoping that she comes sometime this week, but not Friday or Saturday, but then she's free to come again on Sunday. Oh the big dreams we have!
     I guess it would be nice if she waited until I finished getting the hospital bag ready. I did a bit more this weekend with it, but it's still not complete. I don't think I'll ever feel like it's complete... I'll probably always feel like I'm missing something. But I know that I still need to get a change of clothes for G, and an outfit or two for Abby. And for the most part it will be done at that point.

     I did have a really fun time going out with the girls this week! My mom, MIL and SsIL and Sister's sister-in-law, all went out to dinner at Mama Roomba's (yum!), then back to mom's house for a little Zumba, of which I refused to participate, and then off for some ice cream! YUM!

My view of them Zumba-ing their hearts out while I elevate my gigantic feet!

Nursery Update:
     While I didn't get too much done this week regarding Abby's room (everyone's been asking); I was able to get my butt out there and start working on the dresser drawers. I used the wood putty to start filling in the giant holes. But, b/c the holes are so dang big, it's going to take a few times to get them completely filled. I am hoping that I am able to get out there today sometime to attack them again. Once the holes are completely filled, I'll be able to spray paint the primer on them, and then paint them. Then, I'll just need to drill holes for the new super cute pullies I bought for it. And then shove them into the dresser! The bottom drawer will probably take some extra time though. It's pretty much completely in shambles. We're planning on taking it apart and attaching the front of the drawer to the dresser using some hinges. Hope that works. Otherwise, we'll have to rebuild the drawer, what a pain.
     I also completed another hoop of her mobile! I'm really excited about that. Now all I have to do is figure out the best way to attach the two hoops to each other, then add extra string to hang it. Then hang it! I'm really excited with how it turned out. Although, part of me is thinking about cutting out a few more circles and adding those in. The circles are spaced out a little farther apart that I'd like... but it might be too much if I add more... I'm not sure what I want to do.

What the Doctor had to say:
     My nurse was out this week as well as my assigned doctor, whom I've seen one time; so I saw a new doctor. This puts me at meeting a total of 4 of the 10 doctors. I really liked this new doctor. He seemed to be patient and not at all worried about my progress, which is pretty slim. He said that for most first-timers, they usually don't begin to dilate until they actually go into labor. He did ask if I would like him to strip my membranes and I said very quickly "no thank you!" and he said, "ah, you've heard of that before have you?" I said, "Yes I have, and I would NOT like to do that. I'd prefer to just let her come when she comes." He seemed perfectly fine with this. He said there's no reason to rush anything.
     I gained 2 more pounds, putting me at 19 I think. He said I was measuring at 37, which is slightly more than what the nurse measured me at last time, but I'm pretty sure he was measuring a different spot, so it's just the difference between two people measuring you, no worries. He said her heartbeat sounded great. My urine and blood pressure are still looking good. He noticed my feet were VERY swollen, but he didn't seem worried at all. He said if it were coupled with other things such as high blood pressure, etc, then it would be something to worry about, but on it's own, it's not a problem. He said it's not really a hydration issue, but that I should just make sure to keep my feet up while at home (as I type this, I am feeling guilty that I am currently NOT putting my feet up). I told him I was not worried about the swelling, but that everyone else in my life seemed to be worried about it. He said, "well, they're wrong, you're right." ahahahh!
     He also examined me, worst part, but he was much more gentle than the nurse usually is, so I was able to relax this time and he was actually able to find my cervix! Happy day! He said my cervix is still posterior (he drew me a picture so I would understand, b/c when the nurse was explaining to me that she could feel the head, but couldn't find the cervix, I was seriously confused, considering the cervix is around the baby's head), and that I am dilated maybe a half cm. He did say that the due date is just a guess and could be off by a week or two, and that the effacement and dilation won't really tell us when the baby will come, so nothing to worry about. I continued to assure him that I am not worried about anything, she'll come when she comes. At the end of the appt. he said that he was very pleased with my whole attitude and positivity regarding everything. He also said I will be a very good mom! How cute!
     All in all, a great appt with the new doctor; I really liked him!


  • I'm noticing that I'm getting skin tags on my body. Thankfully I read a few months ago that this is normal for pregnant women, so I'm not really concerned at all. I just think it's really weird.
  • Feet are still really swollen. I figure it's just part of the last few weeks of pregnancy, and besides putting my feet up, there's not much to worry about. 
  • Mild heartburn. Nothing too bad. I was even able to sleep for a bit last night before taking a Pepcid. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to take one. But many weeks ago I tried doing that, and it kept me up all night until I took one. Progress.
  • Many people are telling me that I look like I've dropped even more. I guess she's getting ready by dropping... but nothing else.
  • Still no other pre-labor symptoms.... no braxton hicks, not many cramps this week, not much else.
  • Ultimately, I'm feeling pretty good! I've been sleeping through the night still! Getting up once to pee. I have sufficient energy to last through the day. I've been getting some household things done like laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. Just trying to make sure that no matter when she comes, things won't be disasterous when we bring her home. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change Stinks!

     A few things have happened this week that have freaked me out a bit!

1) While at the store buying milk, I noticed that the Best By date was the 22nd of June... therefore, technically (if Abby were to come on her actual due-date, which is unlikely), I could be drinking from the same gallon of milk after she arrives, and it'd be good still!

2) I asked G when he was going to weigh in again, and he said that he can't weigh in for another 4 weeks , which means that we won't know how much he's lost so far until Abby has DEFINITELY arrived!

3) One of the other pastor's mentioned that he wouldn't see us again until next month, when we would be parents... he used the words Father and Mother... and I flipped!

     This of course has really got me thinking this week... am I seriously ready for all this? I mean, being pregnant has meant a few changes in our lives so far... but really, not that much. Things have pretty much stayed the same, besides worrying about my health and what I'm eating, etc etc. But now, anywhere from tomorrow to 3 weeks from now, my whole entire life is going to be changing, and it won't just be what food I'm eating that will change. It will be EVERYTHING!

  • Sleep.... my beloved sleep... it will be interrupted by a beautiful baby
  • My body will continue to change, some parts will grow and do weird things, while others will fight to hang on no matter what I do to rid myself of it.
  • My sanity... I will constantly worry about this little tiny human that grew within me. I will critique and question myself over every tiny little thing I do to/with/for her. 
  • My schedule... or rather: what schedule?! A schedule will cease to exist  as her needs are pretty much on demand for the first few months, until we can figure out a routine that works for her. This means that those first few months are pretty much going to be craziness as I attempt to make plans and have to cancel them b/c Abby's schedule will be so unpredictable at any given time. I have a feeling that simply trying to get to the store to get food will be a difficulty! What once was easy, will now become a huge ordeal to accomplish and demand a lot of planning and preparation to execute.
  • My marriage. G and I will have to figure out how to make time for each other and still maintain this relationship while also including this new addition to our family... we're not longer a family or two; it's three in this pod now! I have a feeling this will be the hardest, yet most important part that we'll have to adjust and pay attention to. 
     These are of course just a few things, but many of the other things are able to be filed somewhere beneath these few examples. Point is... my life is about to change. Does anyone truly get just how much their lives are about to change right before they have a baby? I can't imagine they could. Knowing change is imminent, and experiencing that change are two completely different things. I have a feeling that no matter how much people try to impress upon someone just how much things will change, that someone will still have no clue until they actually go through those changes. 

     I'm really excited about this new adventure in my life, but I'm also just so aware that this new adventure will require so many changes and adaptations that it's beginning to really freak me out as we draw closer to this time where we don't just talk about how things will change, but where they actually are changing. It's scary. I'm scared. I admit it. I'm scared not only b/c I've never really been around newborns, and I'm not really sure what to do with something so helpless and dependent upon me; but I'm also scared for selfish reasons. My schedule, and my sleep, and my time will no longer be mine. That will be the biggest adjustment.... accepting this. These feelings don't mean I don't love my baby, it just means that I am trying to cope with the loss of this other side of me. 

     But really, when I think about it... what am I losing? My selfishness, my laziness, my poor productivity level... I think I can stand to lose those things... they're not exactly my best attributes! 

     And I lose those to gain what? A beautiful baby that God has gifted G and I with; that God has allowed my body to miraculously create. A tiny human that God has entrusted to us to raise, train, discipline, encourage, teach, inspire, and love; to pour ourselves into. 

     It will take some getting used to this new schedule that's not all about me... but I think the trade off is going to be worth it, and pretty incredible! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Media Monday: Episode 4

What I'm listening to:

     Pregtastic and New Moms New Babies. These two podcasts are great! Several moms-to-be on Pregtastic, and new moms on New Moms New Babies, get together every week and discuss everything concerning pregnancy and babies. They also invite experts on to discuss in depth interesting topics. I have learned so much. Both of these podcasts (New Moms New Babies grew out of Pregtastic) are based in San Diego, so if you're in the area, you can ask to be part of the show! It's great to get an experts opinion, but also get other mom opinions on these topics as well, and what they're doing.
     I download their podcasts through Zune, but you can listen online on their website, or through iTunes, etc. They also have blog posts and forums on their websites as well. What I really like is that whenever they have expert guests on their shows, they also ask them for any suggestions for websites, books, or any other material that might be helpful for further information. I've been able to get such great resources from them! You should definitely check them out!

What I'm watching:
  • G and I have finished our Harry Potter marathon! We busted out the projector and screen for this marathon! Each night we watched another episode. He bought this really awesome collector's edition right? Well, of course it only includes episodes 1 through 5, and that's it. So now what do you do when the new ones come out? You'll have this really awesome set that goes together of the first 5, then the last 3 movies awkwardly sitting beside it sticking out like a sore thumb! Sad day. My mother passed down her anal preferences of wanting all sets, trilogies, etc, to be the same, so they will look pretty on the shelf together. 
  • Make it or Break it. I'm streaming it through Netflix Watch now. I'm loving this ridiculous high school drama show from ABC Family. It is really making me have a huge respect for gymnasts. How incredible are these young athletes that train ridiculous hours, and have no other life besides gymnastics (I do understand this is their choice of course), and work so hard at a sport that in one instant, one wrong move can completely change their lives forever by rendering them paralyzed, etc. I'm just in awe of their talent, strength, and dedication. Granted I know this is just a show, but it's depicting the life of a gymnast training to be an Olympian; it's just given me a respect for this sport that I didn't have before. 

What I'm reading:
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting. This book has been great to just have around, and any chance I get a few free moments, I pick it up and read a page or two. This last week I finally busted through month 7 and 8 to month 9 and now I'm in the labor and delivery section. It's probably a good thing that I've finally made it to this section considering I'm a week away from my due date. 

What I'm stumbling upon:
  • This made my heart smile! I really hope I can capture some hilarious moments of Abby like this!

22 Words
  • I really like these aprons from Anthropologie! I'm hoping that one day I'll get good enough to make some like this for people as gifts! Wouldn't that be so neat?!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 39

It's here: week 39, one more week to go before I'm considered full-term!

     Things have pretty much been the same for the last several weeks, months, pretty much the whole entire pregnancy has been smooth sailing, so most of these posts are ending up the same. But, that's okay; Abby can look back and see that she treated me well for 9 months, and I love her for it! G says that I just must be made to have babies! ahha! I guess so; and since we have 12 more to go after this, it's good to know that pregnancy is a breeze for me... at least this one has been!

     This week I have worked on a few more things for Abby. I would like to attribute it to Nesting, however, it really just had to do with the fact that we had people coming to stay this week, and I needed to clean the place up, and therefore things got done by default! I cleaned the whole house, not deep cleaned, but I was able to organize things, and find places for things that didn't have one. Just cleaned up clutter basically. And as I look around the house right now, now that our guests have all gone, the clutter is starting to build up already, yah! I touched up some of the stripes in Abby's room, which really excites me! It looks so much better; it's not perfect, but upon glancing it just looks so much cleaner. I vacuumed the whole house, threw bags and bags of garbage out, cleaned and swept floors, dusted a bit, did SO many dishes, got a section in our room cleared out and put the bassinet in it's place, and most fun: I finally began making her mobile, which I'm really excited about. I got half of it done, I just need to finish the other half, and I can put it up in the room. I will be posting a DIY with pictures of how I made it, coming soon!

What the Nurse had to say:
     Yesterday at my appt, I had another exam... which I was unaware would be occurring, therefore, I was none-so-pleased! I don't like them at all! They hurt something fierce! Anywho, my blood pressure and urine looked good. I didn't gain any weight, same as last week; so that's still a total weight gain of 17 pounds. My measurement went down from 37 to 35; meaning that Abby has dropped even more! Which explains the leg cramps I've been getting this week. Thankfully they're not really bad at all. However, upon the exam, she said that she still could not find the cervix (part of this having to do with the fact that I couldn't relax enough, and that maybe if I had been able to, she could have found it); so it's still firm and not dropped yet.
     She is going to be out of town next week, so my appt with be with a different doctor (which is fine with me: the more I get to meet the better since I have no clue which doctor will be on call when I go into delivery). Since next week I'll be considered full-term, my appt.s will continue to be with the doctors from that point on. Which means, that at the next week's appt, if I have still not progressed, they will schedule an induction for that Monday the 27th (41 weeks and 3 days). Although that's only 9 days past my due date, and my doctor originally told me they won't induce until day 11, which is Wednesday the 29th. I'm really really hoping that it won't come to that. Once they start the induction process (usually pitocin), it's pretty inevitable that you'll require an epidural, and then the whole snowball effect begins, of which I am desperately trying to avoid. Everything has gone so smoothly up until this point, I want it to continue that way! I'd really love to get the delivery experience I want; I know there's a chance I might not get it, I'm not delusional, but I'd rather have it ruined with an induction. I'd rather it be necessary to get intervention b/c something is really wrong, not just b/c the baby isn't coming out when they'd like it to.

     Again, this week has been pretty similar to all other weeks.

  • I have had a few leg cramps this week. I did have a menstrual cramp this week, which I thought odd. Then upon reading one of my books, it mentioned that getting menstrual cramps could be a sign of pre-labor, so who knows! I have had a few other signs as well, but who really knows if they can be attributed to pre-labor, or some other things. I don't know, so I'm not putting too much thought into it, just found it interesting. 
  • I'm still sleeping through the night just fine, getting up about once to go to the bathroom.
  • My back hasn't been hurting at all, though people have been shocked to hear this upon asking. 
  • The pain in my chest above my belly has sort of gone away this week, which has been lovely!
  • My feet have taken a turn for swollen this week... a bit more than normal... need to start guzzling the water again. Although, my wedding ring is still fitting! Points!
  • Not that this has anything to do with being pregnant, but I got a mosquito bite on my arm that I noticed yesterday, and it's driving me completely insane! I want to itch it like crazy!
  • I'm pretty much hot, constantly! It never happens that I am hotter than G, but this week I've needed the fan on, and he finds it to be too cold, which is completely outrageous, usually it's the other way around.
  • I still have to pee every half hour or so, which is why it flabbergasts me that I only get up once during the night to pee. 
  • I still feel pretty great, have a goodly portion of energy at times, and feel really tired at others, pretty much to be expected at this stage I guess. 

Here's a picture of my Uncle John and I: he came to visit this week! 


Sorry about the weird yellow-tint of the one picture, G held the camera at a different angle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starchless Dinners

G randomly decided early last week that he was going to go on a Live-it (NOT a diet)!
This is how it started:

     G called home asking if he should bring home dinner and said he was getting meat and veggies, and I responded with "I have some rice I could cook up with that" and he responded "I don't need any," and I proceeded to get a little worried.... you see, G is ALL about the meat and starch. I'd say he's a meat and potatoes kinda guy, but he actually doesn't care that much for baked potatoes... weird right? pretty much only mashed, although I do this really awesome roasty thing to fingerling potatoes that he digs.
     Anywho, point is, whenever we go to the store together, and I stop by the produce section saying I need fruit and veggies, he gets this cramped up look on his face and proceeds to tell me how pointless they are and why I shouldn't get them. So you can imagine my shock when he tells me that he's getting veggies for dinner, and DOESN'T need rice. I was slightly confused.
     When he got home, he explained he's changing it up and he's doing this new thing again. I'm so proud of him, it can be really hard to try to eat healthy when the other person in the house doesn't care to. But, this morning, when I suggested an apple with his lunch, he said, "ok." I love it! He, we both, want to create healthy lifestyles for when Abby comes, and the other future little runts that will be running around here. We want to promote an active lifestyle as well... which, we're still working on this step! ahahah! One step at a time guys!
     Therefore, I've been trying to come up with starchless dinners to make for us. (Let me just say, btw, that I am totally supporting my husband, however, I was very successful at losing weight when I included starches in my diet, so I'm not going to be following this plan. But I figure that I can support G by eating the same dinner with him, so for dinners, I'm going starchless as much as possible!) Anywho, others have been asking what I'm making for dinners for us. I'm trying to be creative and think of new things that I've never made before, and also figure out how to redo meals that we have always liked. So, if anyone has any starchless meal suggestions, pass 'em my way please!

Menu for last week:

Tuesday: Sauteed Sausage with bell peppers and onions

Wednesday: Broiled Hamburger patty (pre-made at our awesome butcher shop) with peas and corn

Thursday: Pork Tenderloin with sauteed squash

Friday: Sauteed Sausage with bell peppers and onions, topped with low-sugar spaghetti sauce

Saturday: Poor-man's Recreation of CPKs Thai Chicken Salad- Cabbage, chicken, carrots, jicama, avocado, scallions, and Light Asian Sesame dressing

Sunday: Baked Tuna stuffed Tomatoes with a slice of Provolone on top

Monday: Spaghetti sauce with ground beef and mushrooms

Tuesday: Spaghetti sauce leftovers

If you have any questions about any of these, just respond and I'll get you the recipe.
If you have any ideas and suggestions for new recipes as I try to make my new menu's, please respond as well! I can use all the help I can get.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 38

38 weeks... also put... 2 weeks to go... yikes!

Am I ready for all this?
I'm not so sure.
But, "no back-sies" as my good friend S would say!

TheBump says that Abby's head could be covered in an inch or so of hair...
hmmmm I had a full head of black hair when I was born... Grant was bald...
I wonder what Abby's beautiful head will look like; hair or no hair?!


  • I went and pampered myself on Monday, with my mom, MIL, and Sisters-in-law. We went and got pedicure's... it was so lovely! And we all went to the Bucks after for some yummy coffee and a great chat! I love spending time with them all together like that!
  • I went on the hospital tour at San Joaquin with my mother. It was wonderful. I felt like such a little smarty-pants though; which made me feel great, but I'm sure irritated the other's to no end. Although my mom prefers to say that all those other people probably had all the same questions and were just afraid to ask, so they were probably thankful that I asked them; which could also be true. But based on the looks on other people's faces, many probably had no clue what I was talking about... which made me feel good. It made me realize that I HAVE learned a lot about the labor and delivery process that many other people don't take the time to do. It made me feel confident about my knowledge and encouraged that it will all be okay; that the things I have learned have definitely given me an up, and I feel really good. There were many questions I had b/c of the natural route I'm choosing to go, and I was really worried that I'd come into a lot of problems. But, upon asking the nurses' they all seemed really positive about some of my requests. I know I won't get everything I want, but they also seemed really positive about some things based on my particular case, and the fact that I have had a really smooth, problem-free pregnancy so far. So, while I may not get everything I desire at the time of delivery, at least it was not shot down right away, it might be an option, and that is enough!
  • I went shopping for the items for my hospital bag this week. I had a lot of fun doing that. I'll have a post coming soon all about the hospital bag, and everyone can recommend items to me that I might have left out at that point.

What the Nurse had to say:
     Well, again, the Nurse didn't have much to say on Friday; that was officially my shortest appt to date. I was in and out within 30 minutes! I gained 2 more pounds, which puts me at 17 pounds of total weight gain. My blood pressure and urine were both good. My belly is measuring right on still; Abby's heartbeat is still great: about 149-150. And that was about it. I elected for no vaginal exam again... if I have a choice, the answer is NO! That business hurt last time she did an exam. And quite frankly, from everything I'm learning in my classes and books, there's not much that the exam will tell me. Yeah, it will tell me if I've begun dilating, how much effaced I am, if at all; but it won't tell me when I'll likely go into labor based on that information. Abby's going to come when she comes; people can be dilated at 3 for several weeks before going into labor. And every exam is just another risk of infection; no thank you.
     Lastly, she said that I did NOT have the look, still.... so she bets she'll be seeing me next week. Again, there's nothing scientific about it, but it's fun. People continue to be shocked when I tell them I only have 2 weeks left, b/c I look too energetic and happy still! hahaha! I guess I'm just content being pregnant! Everything has gone so smoothly so far, and been great!


  • Heartburn still an issue, boo. Pepcid Complete chewable tablets are my best friend every night. I have to restrain myself throughout the day and not eat the whole bottle. 
  • I am having this really irritating pain below my chest, high on my belly. I think it's just my bra pushing into my belly as it grows. It's super painful, and it's getting to the point where it's hurting even when I'm not wearing a bra. That will be one great thing about not being pregnant anymore, hopefully that pain will go away as my belly begins to slim down. 
  • I haven't really gotten very many leg cramps this week, which is nice. Those aren't really too bad since they come and go within 5 seconds, there's not much time to feel the pain. 
  • The swelling in my feet has been under control! They're still a bit on the puffy side, but they are not as bad as they were previously. G has been making fun of me with how much water I've been drinking. I was going down to Bako a lot last week, so I stopped and got the 44oz cup at the gas station full of ice water for my ride home. Upon returning home, I'd just refill it (I like drinking through the straw), and then refill it again. I just thought I was doing a great job drinking water... until G mentioned that I'm overdoing it.... so I added up the ounces.... yeah 132... wow! That IS a lot of water for one day! ahahaha. But it's so much easier to just sip on with the straw. So I've been drinking at least two of the 44 oz a day. Which is nice, b/c I always felt like I wasn't drinking enough water, so I would never drink my beloved milk... but now I can drink milk all night guilt free b/c I've had my water for the day!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

What the What?! Flipper Heels

This is just absolutely ridiculous... flipper heels?!
Girls have a hard enough time walking around in regular heels, let alone flippy ones!

And Jessica Simpson... WHAT were you thinking?
Something has seriously gotten to this girl to make her think that people would seriously buy these.

Here's her tweet:

 Jessica Simpson 

Scuba gear coming soon for @ heels for every occasion ;) 

And here is the picture of the heels that she links to in her tweet:

And who one earth would want to walk around and be taken seriously wearing a pair of these? 
Cause, I can tell you now, no one would be taken seriously in these bad boys. 
What event would you wear this to?
I don't get it! 

Come to find out that she's not the one who actually thought up these hideous creatures.
Some chick in Australia designed them, and then last year, some famous designer used them in his runway show, and one of his models tripped a bit while walking down the runway; which shows me that if a girl who's entire job is to walk for a living, and even SHE can't help but trip a little, then what normal girl is going to be successful in these?

Oh dear, please make the madness stop!
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