Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Month Four

     On October 28th you turned Four Months! My how you've grown Abigail! It's amazing! Things are starting to get really fun with you. While you were super precious your first couple of months, you were pretty much just crying all the time... or sleeping, which was a nice relief from the crying. But now that you're smiling, things are much more fun. Speaking of smiling... you are now laughing... there's no denying it now, it's clear. You are laughing. And it's super cute! I do all I can just to get you to laugh: I sing you ridiculous songs, I make ridiculous faces, and I play with your feet and dance you around, which you seem to really enjoy the most.

     You are also enjoying sticking your entire hand into your mouth, it's quite fun to watch. You are becoming more aware of the rest of your body all the time. 


    While you still don't enjoy being on your tummy, Mommy has made a much better effort at trying to give you more tummy time so you can get used to being on your tummy, in the hopes that you would turn over soon. You hate being on your tummy. HATE it! You cry cry cry. But it's starting to get better, slowly. 

You are also starting to drool like crazy! That can only mean one time... teething is coming!

     By the end of the month you started to roll over onto your side a little bit. I was so ecstatic! I was even able to catch you on video doing it the first time I got to see you do it. Mommy was pretty happy about this and only slightly freaking out!

     During the Women's Retreat this month, Mommy's friend Jackie came to help lead the worship for the ladies and brought your friend Peyton. You guys had fun playing together, and we got to see a little bit of what Jackie tells me happens while she watches you: you and Peyton hold hands. When you guys were hanging out this time, Peyton kept trying to hold you hand and put it in his mouth and you were just all over the place... and eventually turning over! he! It was all pretty cute!

     Last month, you started getting up in the middle of the night again, twice a night to be exact. This month, you graced me with three times a night. How sweet of you darling. I think one difference though, was that I was adamant about me you getting more sleep, so I would put you back down again in the morning to sleep for longer, which meant another feeding. You're so precious when you sleep! And sometimes,  you fall asleep with your right eye slightly open. I watch and wonder if you're actually asleep or if you're just trying to keep tabs on me, and make sure I don't go put you down.

     Your eating is pretty much the same. We have started to get a more regular schedule though. While the times aren't necessarily regular, you've managed to create a schedule for yourself of eating every 3 to 4 hours, which is much nicer than every 2 hours. I think this is partly due to the fact that you have now gotten Mommy's milk supply back up, so you can relax more now. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Month Three

     This is totally late, I'm sorry. This past month has been absolutely cu-ray-zy! I have subbed 3 full weeks, and that has led to many issues in itself, let alone just hogging up all my time and keeping me from doing important things... like blogging, obsvs! Never-the-less, Abby, you have continued to grow and grow at a ridiculous speed; you continue to blow my mind every time I look at you!

     One great thing that happened this month is that you have begun talking... you make this strange sound that I don't even know how to pronounce! I'll try... it sounds like "khhkhhhkhh." I posted a video a few weeks ago in which everyone else can hear this cute little sound you're making. It's so freakin cute! I am so loving that you're making noises now. I'ts so fun!
     You are smiling like crazy! It's unbelievable! You have the most beautiful smile! I could stare at you all day! You smile at everyone! And everywhere we go you are such a hit with everyone that walks by; complete strangers in the grocery store will stop me specifically to look at you. And you just smile and smile and eat up all their praise. You love it.
     You found your hand, and you like to stick your whole fist in your mouth, it's quite funny to watch. You make a fist and try to shove it in your mouth, and you must find it to be very yummy because you make very loud sucking noises as well. You've managed a few times to get the whole thing in there pretty much.
     With that, you've also started grabbing only other things, like your rattle, and the little hoop on the birdie of your activity gym! You'll grab onto it and just swing it around in your hand while you lay there. You have a very strong grip!
     You also started to find your feet this month. You LOVE to bring your feet up so you can look at them and then you grab at your them. You love to pull your socks off. The other day I walked by you and you didn't have your socks on anymore. I was so confused because they weren't by your feet. I thought that maybe I had imagined putting your socks on a few minutes before. Then I walked to the other side of you and found that you had taken off both socks and laid them one on top of the other right by your side. What?! Strange! I was laughing.
     Speaking of feet, you have this thing with kicking your feet... constantly! No matter what you're doing, you're kicking your feet. Sitting in your car seat or laying on the ground, you are always kicking your feet. You even do it when something is in your way, like the wheel to the computer chair, or when you're in the tub, you'll kick the bottom of the tub. I'm worried that you're going to hurt yourself, but you don' t seem to be bothered one bit.
     Your daddy seems to think that you have some red in your hair. I don't necessarily see it, but that's okay. I think it has something to do with the fact that he comments on it every time you are outside or come back from being outside. But, we still have some pretty blue eyes!

Kaiser Visits:
     At the beginning of this month, you got a stuffy nose. It didn't seem to be too big of a deal at first because I was experiencing the same thing from allergies with the weather changing. However, it seemed to start waking you up in the middle of the night. After a few nights of this, I began to freak out, and one morning at around 5:30am, I called the emergency nurse at Kaiser and went through their ridiculously (but necessary) scary list of questions that only serve to freak a parent out more than they already are at the time. She suggested I bring you in, so we made an appointment, I canceled my sub job and we headed down to Bako. It turns out that you just had a little cold. Your doctor couldn't find anything in your lungs, so she didn't seem worried at all.
    Then, two weeks later, you started getting all these little spots all over. There were a few on your legs and arms, but none on your torso. I had initially thought that they were bug bites because we had dinner out by the river the night before, and I had some bite marks as well. However, two days later, we woke up to you having a lot more bites. That's when your daddy and I got a little worried. I was getting ready to begin a two week subbing stint and I was worried that maybe you got chicken pox somehow. I was worried that I would have to cancel my sub job (which by the way, I totally would have. I was only concerned because when you had a really stuffy nose two weeks prior, I cancelled my sub job for the day and rushed you to Urgent Care. I was just worried about having to cancel another sub job, and I didn't want the school to begin thinking that I was flaky and couldn't be counted on; man how things change when you have kids).
     So on Saturday, after dealing with a flat tire, your daddy and I rushed you down to Urgent Care to check out your little spots. We got down to Kaiser and got your out of the car, and we noticed that you had pooped. So, we began to unstrap you from your car seat to change your diaper, and that's when we realized that yup, you had pooped alright... ALL OVER YOURSELF! We had run out of Huggies diapers, and were using some knock off brand Babies R Us diapers that didn't have a poop catcher in the back of the diaper (New mothers beware: Huggies have a poop catcher which have saved us SO many problems!) Your poop went up both sides of your diaper and up to your chest and up your back as well. It went all over the car seat too. I had the worst time trying to tackle cleaning you up while your dad cleaned the car seat. When I took your clothes off, I had to be so careful, and I still managed to get poop on your arms and feet, but thankfully I was able to keep it off your head and hair. It was a very smelly situation, that's for sure!
     Anyway, that's besides the point, but a funny side story that was necessary to tell so that you will never be able to escape it in the future; and that's how much I love you (my mother taught me well; she's your grandmother, so watch out)! So, because you had a rash, we had to use a special side door to get into Kaiser. We rang the doorbell and waited for them to let us in. We went in and saw a very nice doctor who took one look at you and ruled out the chicken pox that we had been so worried about. Praise the Lord! She said that they were just bug bites, and that when we had been down at the river having dinner, that's when you probably got them. Since you weren't six months old yet, she didn't prescribe the ointment she normally would have (because it has steroids in it). So, we just went home to wait out the spots. After they went away, you got some more. Don't know where, but they found you! You just must be very tasty!

     When I subbed for the two weeks straight, you pretty much immediately started getting up once in the middle of the night. I was so used to you sleeping through the night that it wasn't that fun, but I didn't complain to much because once a night is still not that bad at all. However, by the end of that two week period, you were getting up twice a night. Gah! Not fun! Mommy wished you'd go back to sleeping through the night. I think it had to do with mommy's milk supply though. I think that when I was subbing, I wasn't adamant about pumping during the Nutrition break at school and so I just began to dry up. Mistake! So I think that you were trying to tell mommy's body to crank that milk production back up! And unfortunately, that meant getting up in the middle of the night to feed again.

     Well, while your sleeping habits began to get all catywhompus on me, your eating started getting better; well, in terms of spitting up. You really started to spit up less... finally! Towards the end of the month there it started up again, but overall, you've really started holding your food in much better than before! Happy days! I no longer have to worry about you not getting enough because you're spitting it all up... and I mean... you were spitting it ALL up. It was ridiculous! Others that see you spit up get huge owl eyes in shock! I just look at them and say, "It's normal." You're gaining weight normally, so your doctor isn't worried about it, and therefore, neither am I.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Dinners

     I love Fridays! And not just because it's Friday, and that means it's the start to the weekend... b/c that's just a given. But, also because that usually means that it's Family Dinner night! The whole family comes together and we eat spaghetti, laugh, and share our lives. I love it so much!
     It all began back when Grant and I first started dating 8 years ago. His twin sisters were in college, and we never really knew when they'd be coming home for the weekend, and what friends they might bring along. So, in an effort to always be prepared, Grant's dad suggested that we just always have a Family Friday Dinner and have spaghetti, because you will always have leftover spaghetti for whoever else might show up! And Family dinners were born!
     Now that we're all a little older, and married, and have a plethora of other things going on in our lives, it's much harder to meet every Friday, so we've moved it to once a month. I really didn't like this, since I love seeing everyone once a week and catching up, but I understand it's necessity as even Grant and I were having a difficult time getting down there every week since we have moved an hour away and have priorities with our church family on Friday's sometimes.
     But last night was one of these wonderful nights were we all came together, and we were celebrating birthdays! Grant's twin sisters, and his grandmother. We all had such a wonderful time talking, laughing, and telling stories about our lives over the last month trying to catch everyone up on the surgeries, new jobs, current jobs, vacations, etc.
     What we discovered though, is that we have just one problem. There's only one baby. And not enough time for her to make the rounds between eating and napping. We thought that maybe next time we should have a sign up sheet to determine who gets the next Abby time! That might work better! But she got to spend a lot of time with both Grandma and Nomi, and Granddad, and Uncle Dave. She seemed very pleased all night.

     Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to get pictures of her with everyone else. Bummers. Next time. 

     But until then, here's a video of her shaking the rattle on her activity gym. It's like she's beginning to realize that if she touches it, it will make noise for her! ...and she might also be spitting up a bit! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Friends!

     New friends are great! I'm not great at making new friends, it scares me for some reason. Those that know me, know that I'm a crazy weirdo that's very outgoing. But for some reason, when it comes to new people, I am very shy and scared. Especially with people that I hope will really like me. I can't talk to them b/c I'm too shy, but I'm willing them to become my new friend in my mind! It totally works... in my mind... although, I haven't had too much success with this approach unfortunately. Let me know if you've gotten it to work out for you, I want your tips!
     Anywho, a few months ago, Grant and I went to a Pastor's Association dinner for all of the pastor's in the local valley where we live. I was nervous/excited because I heard that this other couple was going to be there, (James and Jacqueline) and I was hoping beyond hope that we would become friends.... mainly because she was young like me, and those are few and far between in this valley! I had heard her and her husband lead worship at a Pastor's Association Service we had a few months earlier and was blown away by their talent (Another reason I knew we had to be friends).
     The whole night I was hoping that we'd somehow get thrown together and have a chance to talk, but it wasn't working out. There were assigned seats, and we weren't seated by each other at all... shame shame! But thankfully at the very end... as we were all talking about how we needed to leave, somehow, we got thrown together! And we just started talking... and talking... and talking! And we probably could have kept talking if we all weren't also trying to go home as well.
     *As a side note, we were both hugely pregnant and I told her about the Bradley Method of childbirth that I had studied and planned on using, and she was all sorts of interested. Upon talking to her after she did give birth, she said she used the Bradley Method (natural childbirth), and she said that it worked out great! After my childbirth that involved much intervention (unfortunately), I give her mad props for going through with it, especially since she just heard about it through a stranger! She's my new hero!

Jacqueline: 2 days overdue; Me: 8 months pregnant
     That night I was so excited that we were able to talk and we became friends on facebook. My good friend Heather came up to take newborn pictures of Abby, and Jacqueline's MIL saw the pictures and basically set up a time for Heather and I to go over to Jacqueline's to have her newborn photo shoot. So we went to her house, we barely knew each other, I was nervous, but it worked, and we clicked, and a friendship began to bloom!
     I found out that she opened a daycare in her home and was looking for children, and I was desperately looking for someone I could trust to watch Abby when I went back to work a few days a week. God is so good for setting these things up for us! Many of you were wondering who watches Abby while I'm subbing during the week... so, meet Jacqueline, my new friend! I love to chat and laugh with her! I'm so thankful that God sent a wonderful new friend into my life!

     And what's more, our little ones are new best friends too! Here's Peyton and Abby:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I found my hand... and now I'm sick!

     I hope that this new discovery didn't attribute to the new sickness we have! Mommy's allergies are flaring up again, and I think that is part of the reason I started getting sick too! I've been having a hard time getting uninterrupted sleep the past few nights, so Tuesday morning, mommy took me down to the doctor and she said I have a little bit of a cold. I'm pretty congested, but my nose is clear, so try as mommy might to suction my nose, nothing comes out. Mommy has been trying the saline solution with the suction bulb, and that's helping a little, but I'm still pretty congested. I made mommy wake up 3 or 4 times Tuesday night to help me, and she had to sub the next day. Thankfully, she had enough energy to make it through the day without ruining her non-caffeine streak. I hope I get better soon so I can go back to sleeping for 8 hours straight at night; I (mommy) really like sleeping 8 hours straight! But, I think I'm mostly all better now. I slept through the night again last night, without a pillow to elevate my head so I could breathe; and I slept for 9 hours! 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day of Firsts...

     This is the face of a precious little girl that laughed for the first time!

     Here is a video of a precious girl shaking her rattle for the first time! 
(Sorry it's turned to the side, I can't figure out how to turn it straight, if you know how, let me know please!)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

It Finally Happened...

yup... my child barfed all over me... This is after I wiped my mouth off.... I now know what her regurgitated meals taste like.... mmmmm!

     Oh a good note... (although, the above might be a good note for YOU, but not for me), she is starting to make gurgling noises... saying what I think is a G sound, like "geee."

     Also, I tried some more tummy time today, and from the second I laid her down, she held her head for for roughly 2 minutes without laying her head down on the mat at all! Yah! And she wasn't crying, she was smiling at me! Happy Days!

     I guess those things make up for being her baby bird earlier today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nothing Better

     There's nothing better than the sweet smell of a freshly soaped baby's head! Mmm! It makes me want to give her a bath every day just so I can nuzzle close to her and breath in the sweet smell of her!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nomi Sarah Visits

     Nomi Sarah paid us a visit over Labor Day Weekend and we had a blast. Nomi Sarah played with me, and made me laugh, but best of all, she sang fun songs to me! I love it when people sing to me! It makes me smile and giggle! And I look really cute when I smile! Thanks for coming up and visiting Nomi! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Month Two

     Oh Abby, this month has been wonderful! Last month, things were a little hectic as you cried constantly. Thankfully, this month, things have gotten a bit better! I am able to enjoy you much more!

Family Fridays!
     Cousin J told me about the book she read and the schedule that they put baby A on recently and how wonderful it has been in helping them. I know that Abby is a little too young to put on a schedule, but I thought it would be better to start working towards it now, rather than wait and randomly begin new things one day. So, I started the schedule J told me about: we eat, play, and then sleep. It has actually been helping a lot! I decided to start this routine when I noticed that you were a bit more wide-eyed after you ate (you used to fall asleep right after you ate, sometimes even while you were eating). We started playing in your activity gym once you finished eating, and then once you got a little fussy, I'd wrap you up tight and rock you to sleep. Worked like a charm! You fell asleep much faster that way!

     And then a few days ago, we went to dinner at a friend's house, and I noticed that she put her son down while he was still awake (She'd swaddle him, give him his pacifier, and lay him down), and he'd magically fall to sleep on his own. Just to prove that it wouldn't work, the next day I gave it a shot with you... and it worked! What?! I was amazed. Of course, it wouldn't work twice... I just got lucky that time. So, I tried it later that day again, and it worked... again! Shocking! It has worked every time for the past few days! I am forever indebted to my friend Jacqueline for this little tidbit of wonder! I even tried it at night for our bedtime, and while you were awake for just a bit, you fell asleep without crying. This is the best thing to ever happen to me!

     Everyone has been commenting about how amazing it is that you are able to hold your head up already. You haven't been having much tummy time yet (we're starting that now), but I think that you've strengthened those neck muscles by hanging out at mommy's shoulder. You really liked that spot during your first month... not so much anymore, but thankfully, the result is strong neck muscles. You like to look around and explore everything around you.

     You also like exploring when you are playing in your super cute activity gym. You are finally able to grasp the little birds hanging down from the gym. You hold on and shake it back and forth with your strong little fingers! It is adorable! While you play in your gym, mommy reads to you, and you seem to love it. You play for about 20 - 30 minutes and then you begin to get a little fussy and uninterested in the gym and mommy's stories; That's when we get ready for your naps or bedtime.

What to Expect:
     Mommy has been reading What to Expect The First Year, and it's definitely been a help! I was wondering how to talk to you, and how to play with you; and of course, I turn the page, and there is a whole section all about those very things. I've learned that I should read to you, so I read to you from the book (and we learn together); I've learned that I should narrate everything I do to you so you can begin to get used to language and conversation; I should talk with you and not at you (I should ask you questions and pause to let you answer, and expand upon whatever cute little noise you make. Yesterday at the grocery store, you helped mommy pick out everything at the store, you were such a big help). I also learned that I should give you your space, this was a new idea to me. I shouldn't constantly be in your face, while that is a very good thing, I should allow you to explore the world around you and become aware of and used to your own body, and how to entertain yourself. And I learned that I should sing to you... no problem... your daddy and I do that constantly already! We sing old songs to you, and we sing make-up songs about what we're doing with you, and how beautiful you are!

     Another thing I've learned is that I should imitate you. When you make cooing sounds I should make them back to you, setting a foundation for you imitating language. What's great is that this month you started making noises other than cries! It's been so great! I love it! It takes me by surprise every time you do it. You've only make the cooing sounds a few times, but it's been wonderful! I love that we're getting to the stage where you can make sounds and get my attention through noises other than crying. And of course you're usually smiling as you coo, while is all the more adorable! And, you've been smiling a whole lot more this month as well. You have such a gorgeous smile! And while those smiles tend to come mostly after you poo or spit up all over mommy, they are beginning to come at other times as well. But, even when you spit up all over me, when you smile afterwords, you melt my heart and I don't seem to care that I'm soaked in stinky spit up any longer.

Week 7 & 8
     Speaking of spit up, you still are spitting up quite often, at least once a day, sometimes twice. There doesn't seem to be much I can do about it. Whether I burp you or not, if you're going to spit up, you're going to spit up, and that's that. Sometimes you have a big burp, and then quite some time later you spit up... while other times I don't even burp you, and you don't spit up at all. I've decided to stop trying to figure it out and not stress about it. I'm still tracking it though so I can see how often it's happening.

     You eat less often now, instead of 10-12 times a day, you average 6-8 times a day. Instead of eating almost every hour, you've moved to every 3 hours or so. And within the last few days, your schedule has changed a little more. You have started sleeping through the night, so we get up anywhere from 6-8am and eat and play and take a catnap. You tend to eat more often in the morning, every hour or so, then take a big nap in the early afternoon. Then you eat every 3 hours or so until bed time, with another good nap squeezed in there as well. You have been going to bed around 8-10 each night. (Notice how long of an uninterrupted chunk of sleep this gives mommy! Heck yes!)

     Abby, you are such a joy. Mommy and Daddy are so excited that you've begun smiling so much! We have such a blast singing and dancing with you and watching you react. You are one loved little girl! And I can't wait to see what month three brings! We love you!



Friday, August 26, 2011

One Month Pictures!

I smiled and they got the perfect shot of me! Mommy was VERY pleased with me!

     Now this shot was a little more irritating. First, they took off my clothes, and my friend Hez was there... thanks mom! Then, they kept moving me all around, and I showed my distaste by immediately changing positions, HA! To counteract that, they shoved that black fabric up between my legs to hide girl parts, like that was super comfortable! I could tell I was going to have to do something really outrageous to let them get the hint... so... I felt a bit of gas coming... and I pooped on her precious black blanket... not too much to make a scene, but enough to show them that this whole set up they had going on was NOT okay with me! And to give it a little extra punch, I started screaming! Thankfully, they wrapped their little ridiculous game up quickly after that! Ha! That'll show that crazy mom of mine to never try that again! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Must Haves

There are a few things I have come to find that are "Must Haves" for me as a mommy, and for baby Abby.


     I always seem to be in such a hurry lately! I can never get anywhere on time anymore, as if I did a great job of that before I had Abby! That means I don't get to spend much time getting ready anymore. I have to have products that allow me to not spend much time but give me at least some semblance of being put together! Therefore, I find that these products are must haves for me! I have gone through so many different mascaras in my life it's ridiculous! But this kind I have settled on. I've even tried other Cover Girl mascaras after using this one, but I've gone back to this one. It has the best volume without having to coat my lashes 20 billion times! For a natural look I just put one layer on, and for a more punchy look, two layers. And while the first layer is drying, I put on some face color.
Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara
     For that I use Bare Minerals All Over Face Color. I use Bare Minerals for all my other make up and I am just in love. It all started many years ago when I was working at Curves. One of the ladies that came in to work out was in her sixties and looked ridiculously amazing! My co-worker and I commented on how beautiful her face looked, no wrinkles what-so-ever, smooth smooth smooth! She mentioned that she used this make up! Immediately we set a date to go to the little boutique down the street and pick some up! And so my love affair with Bare Minerals began! My skin was so blotchy looking from bad teenage acne days, that I'm still trying to recover from. But this make up seemed to take care of my problems and yet I didn't feel like I was being weighed down by my make up. The must have of the bare minerals for me is the all over face color. I trade off between the Warmth and True. Warmth is basically a bronzer type color that is perfect for summer time when you want that beach-y tan look, and the True is a sheer pink-ish sparkly color that is also great for summer when you want a bit of color and rosy cheeks. It makes for a very easy quick way to give myself some color without taking up a lot of time.

Bare Minerals All Over Face Color in Warmth and True

     My next Must Have is a hair accessory, but I cannot find a picture that will let me download it, so I had to take a picture of my own. Earl Reid designs these hair pieces that are so great! I got mine at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival (Which, if you've never gone, you need to go!) a few years back and at first I had some buyers-remorse. But a few months later, I became attached to this thing! I use it all the time! You can put your hair up super quick and yet it still looks great because the hair piece is so pretty.
     He does have another one that looks more like a comb and you can do SO much more with that piece! I'll need to get one next time. My mom has one, and I borrow it every time I go over to her place, I think I even used it for my wedding at the last minute. If you go onto his website he even has how-to videos on using them. It's so great! This is definitely my go-to when I have run out of time and I only have a few minutes to do my hair.


     Long before Abby was even born, my dear cousin sent me a package of these Aden & Anias blankets. I was super excited! She said they were the best! And Grant's cousin Jennifer confirmed that for me. I love these blankets for several reasons. One, they are light weight and very large! Plus they have a very slight stretch to them so I can make sure to tuck Abby in super tight! I also love that because they are so big I can use them for so many other things. I use it to cover her car seat when we go outside, and it's so big that it overlaps the car seat and drags on the ground if I don't tuck it in. I also love that they have such fun designs (there are so many to choose from!) I really want to get more, and I'd like to get the ones below! Super cute!

Aden & Anias Blankets
     My other go to is the pacifier from the hospital! Love it! We dropped them so many times in the hospital I'm pretty sure my nurse was thoroughly irritated with the volume of "we need a new pacifier" calls she got from us. O well. Thankfully they sell these in stores now so I wasn't having to "drop" them just to stock up. Of course right when the lactation consultant walked in at the hospital she pointed to Abby, who was being held by someone else, and said, "No pacifier!" And I completely took her advice... not. It wasn't really even advice, it was more of a command. And I don't take anyone's commands, so there! Plus, as a side note, she pretty much sucked as a lactation consultant anyways, so I wasn't going to listen to anything else she said! I love this... not necessarily because of the brand, but rather because it gives my ears a rest. And I know you're not supposed to use a pacifier simply to quell the baby, but sometimes, ya just gotta! I mostly try to use it just when she wants to suck but isn't necessarily hungry. But it's also super cute to watch her suck when she's napping and she doesn't have the pacifier in her mouth!
Pacifier by Avent
That's it for this week, I'll post more as time goes on and more things prove themselves to be Must Haves!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Photo Shoot

     On Monday, July 4th, my good friend H came over to do a photo shoot of Abby, she was only 6 days old! Here are some wonderful pictures that she took... she did such a great job!


     If you're looking for a photographer to shoot some pictures of your precious little one, let me know, b/c H would love to help you out! She did such a great job! I can't wait until we schedule Abby's next session!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Month One

     Welcome Baby Abby to the world!

     You were born on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 7:15pm via Cesarean Section, weighing in at 7lb and 5 oz, and 19 inches long. Your head and chest were both 13 inches.

     Although your birth story was a little scary and hectic, your first month on this earth has been wonderful and such a joy! Your first two days were a little harder because mommy was also recovering from surgery. I had a hard time getting up from the hospital bed, and getting back into it. The first few steps (to the bathroom of course) weren't that bad though, I was all hopped up on drugs! When the drugs wore off, however, the pain began to set in. Therefore, those few days in the hospital were somewhat of a blur; everything was happening so quickly, and it was hard to begin to actually digest what had actually happened. Thankfully, you were such a precious little one and very patient with mommy as I was trying to deal with all the pain.

     Right after you were born, once I was finally wheeled in to the recovery room where you and daddy were, they gave you to me and put you to my breast and you immediately began to chow down; good news! There was colostrum all over your little mouth! It was a beautiful moment surrounded by family. We stayed in the recovery room for an hour or so while they got the postpartum room ready for us. They gave you your first bath, and your family took turns coming in to see you. But mostly that hour was spent staring at you and taking in your beauty!

     We finally got to our postpartum room and we got situated for the night, and we tried breast feeding again before we went to bed. It was a late night as all your family was there to visit you and meet you for the first time. We were up every few hours or so to eat. But for the most part, we had to set an alarm, and daddy had to wake up and bring you to me so you could eat b/c you did not wake up on your own to eat. Good little sleeper! The first night was a little hard and tiring as the nurses continued coming in and waking us up to take our blood pressure and check our heart rates. The doctor even came in at 2:30am to check on me and give me my instructions. Needless to say, mommy didn't get much sleep that night.

     The next day was spent lounging around the ridiculously small room that was super hot (I think the AC was broken). We had more visitors, and all agreed that you were just the most beautiful baby!

     There was only one problem... you wouldn't pee. You pooped and pooped, but you refused to pee. The nurses gave you a 24 hour limit, but they didn't say what would happen if you didn't pee within those 24 hours. 24 hours came and went, and you still hadn't peed. The pediatrician came in to visit you and checked you out to see if there was a problem. They decided to give you 36 hours instead and hope that you would relieve yourself by then. I had been cleared to leave the hospital the next day, but the pediatrician said that if you had not peed by then, that you would have to stay. We talked about the options of what would happen if you ended up staying, I didn't like any of them.

     Later that evening, as daddy was holding you (you spent most of your time cuddling in daddy's arms in the hospital), he said he thought you might have just peed. He got up to change your diaper and thankfully, you did! You peed! I immediately started crying; I didn't realize how stressed I was about your pee! I had been so calm, but I guess inside I was beginning to really worry that we would have to leave you behind at the hospital, and that thought was very terrifying! I was so happy that you were perfectly fine and didn't have any problems! Who knew one could be so excited about pee?! Mommy and daddy did a dance of excitement!

     We were all able to go home the next day at 3pm together as a family. We went to your grandparents house for the night b/c you had your first doctor's appt the next morning. You other grandma came over, as well as your aunt C and uncle D, and we all held you and fell more in love with you as the minutes passed. You were so quiet and peaceful.

     The next morning we went to your appt at 10:30am. That was the first time we experienced trying to get out of the house with you; my goodness, what a feat! Forget about getting yourself ready, there's no time anymore, it's all about baby; it's okay though, you're precious enough! I was a little worried because although you had peed at the hospital the day before, you had yet to relieve yourself again. However, right when we undressed you to put you on the scale in the office, you decided that was prime time to show your skills! You peed all over daddy as he was holding you. Whoops! Thankfully the very nice nurse cleaned up your mess.

     You weighed in at 6lb and 15 oz and 20 inches long. And we had a great discussion with your pediatrician.

     Once home, Nomi Sarah came up to help mommy and daddy for the first week. She helped out so much by cleaning around the house, making sure that we were all fed, and holding/playing with you. We watched together as the trial of Casey Anthony progressed and the verdict was read, it was quite surreal. Everything was going smoothly until.... that night.

     Monday night you decided that nothing would do... you just wanted to scream and scream and scream at the top of your lungs. It really scared mommy. No matter what we did, nothing worked. You just screamed. I was so worried that something was wrong, or you wanted something but I just couldn't figure it out. You screamed the entire evening, for several hours. And the next night produced the same thing: cries. Nomi Sarah took you to the back room to hold you and let you cry, while I sat in the living room with daddy and cried on his shoulder.

     I was worried that you might have colic. I read and read and researched, but I decided that you didn't have colic because eventually, after those first two weeks, I was able to find certain positions to hold you in that would calm you down. That was very relieving! We think that it was just gas; we got you gas medicine as quickly as possible, and that seemed to help!

     You are such a good sleeper. I have to set my alarm each night in order to get up to feed you, b/c you do not get up on your own (for the most part). We get up every 4 hours to feed, and change your diaper, before you drift back off to sleep! During the day you eat every 2 hours or so, and sleep the rest of the time.

     You have no problem peeing now! You pee all the time... although there's only one problem... you prefer to pee when you don't have a diaper on... you like to pee right when we take your diaper off. You then proceed to pee all over the changing table... we can't get a diaper on you fast enough. So no changing table cover for now, no need, it would just get soaked every time we changed you!

     We took you to your next appt with your pediatrician when you were one month old. You weighed in at 8lb and 6oz and you were 21.75 inches long. Your umbilical stump had fallen off after 3 weeks, but there was a little piece still intact on your belly button that would just not fall off. It kept bleeding every time it was nicked by your diaper or clothes. Thankfully, right as we took off your clothes at the appt, it fell off! Yah! You peed on the scale again, thankfully you waited until you were actually on the scale this time, rather that pee in mid air. We talked to your doctor about your crying, and she gave us some tips. We also discussed how much you were spitting up, A LOT! You weren't just spitting up a little here and there, you were having gushes of regurgitated milk flowing from your mouth after most feedings. But she seemed to not be too worried about it, so I also try not to worry about it as well.

     After the first three weeks, you began to calm down again to your peaceful little self. You still would cry a lot, but mommy could find ways to calm and sooth your little tears. Although you spent most of your time in the hospital with daddy for the first few days, you quickly began to cling to mommy and prefer me when it's time to go to sleep. Daddy was very willing to hold you and love on you, but you wouldn't have any of it. You  cried until mommy finally came to get you and rock you to your slumber. I'm hoping that changes at some point, so that I can get some cleaning done or even take a shower during that time... trust me... you want a showered mommy, considering how close we have to be all the time!

     Thank you Abby for a beautiful first month. We are trying to treasure each moment with you, knowing that these times will be but a memory soon. You should know that your mommy and daddy love you very much, and that your daddy was such a wonderful helper for mommy and you when you were born. He did pretty much everything for us since I couldn't get up and get around myself. It is amazing to experience falling in love with someone all over again... especially since it comes at a time when there is a new addition to the family, and your love grows for another. It's beautiful to know that your heart still has room to grow in love for your original love as well.

     Happy one month Abby, we love you!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journey to Abby: Part 3

     Tuesday evening, 6:30pm. Dr. Pandya just told me I would need to get a c-section. He explained that since it seemed that Abby was not being able to handle my mild contractions as it was, she probably wouldn't be able to handle my contractions once they were stronger on the pitocin. He was really worried. I didn't object much because I knew that he knew my stance on intervention, and because he and Dr. Cohen had really tried to make a natural birth happen for me, and they had compromised with me when I wanted to leave the hospital earlier. I knew that they felt this was really necessary. I sat there in shock, tears running down my face, heartbroken.
     My husband was there beside me holding my hand as we heard this news. I just looked at him and cried. I felt upset. Upset that we had taken classes that we would not be able to use after all. Upset that we had done all this preparation for a natural birth for nothing, b/c I never had a chance. Upset that we weren't even sure what was going on, was the cord around Abby's neck, or was she just grabbing it when she moved. Upset that I was going to have to go through pitocin and then still get through birth without an epidural. Upset that even that option was taken from me, and I would be bypassing all of that straight to a c-section.
     But, there was no time to dwell on any of that. Nurses came in to prep me right away. I had already been pumped full of a bag of saline solution. The nurses put a hair net on me, and shaved me (which was so not pleasant). Then I was transferred to a wheel chair and the anesthesiologist got ready to wheel me to the operating room. As he was wheeling me out, my MIL arrived at the door and I was able to get a much needed hug from her. It was a sad moment as I could tell she was trying not to cry for me, and I had just finished my crying, but seeing her made me start all over again. Thankfully the anesthesiologist cracked some joke and made me feel better. Now I've heard that most people do not enjoy the doctors making jokes bedside; they find it inappropriate. However, it was exactly what I needed! 

Getting admitted to the hospital finally
All ready for surgery
Getting ready to be wheeled to the operation room
     We got in the operating room and they sat me on the table. I told them I had to pee SO badly, and the anesthesiologist said that they could put in the catheter right then so I could relieve myself, but that I would probably want to wait the few minutes it took to give me the Spinal; I opted to wait! My friend Nurse Jackie stood in front of me and held me up while the anesthesiologist prepped my back and gave me the numbing shot first, then the Spinal. The numbing shot made me jolt a bit, but let me tell you how NOT as bad it was as the stupid IV that they gave me earlier; it was like getting your blood drawn, which I also don't like, but it's much better than getting a huge needle stuck in your arm for an IV. After he gave me the Spinal I told Nurse Jackie, "Uh oh, I think I might have just peed everywhere!" because I was beginning to feel a very warm sensation. I was worried that once I was numbed, I didn't have complete control over those muscles anymore, and my body decided to relieve itself right there. But she checked and said I was fine. They said it was just the numbness kicking in.
     They quickly got me onto my back, spread my arms out, and started hooking me up to all these little wires, etc. Then the doctors came in (both Dr. Cohen and Dr. Pandya were going to perform the surgery for me!). And Dr. Cohen began singing... that's right.... I forgot to mention, they had Dr. Cohen's iPod hooked up and playing through the sound system in the room so the mood in the room right when I got in there was so light and fun. I enjoyed some Beach Boys, Queen (I think), Disney, Classic Rock, and I can't even remember everything else, but it was all great music, and therefore Dr. Cohen would occasionally sing along; again, this didn't bother me either, I actually found it quite entertaining.
     They put the little blue shield up to block me. Now this was the sorta scary part. The paper, I always envisioned, was near the chest. Nope. It's RIGHT in front of your face. So I have the oxygen mask on still, which is drying my eyes out, I need to cough desperately, but I'm having a difficult time b/c I'm on my back, and half of my body is numb and the muscles needed to cough are therefore numb, those numb muscles are also making it quite difficult to breath, and now this stupid blue paper is right in front of my face, rubbing against the oxygen mask, making me quite claustrophobic. Great!

     Tuesday evening, 7pm. Finally, G was able to come in and he stood next to my head the whole 15 minutes it took to open me up. I knew they opened me up, not because I felt anything, but because I could tell when one of their hands moved across my belly. I just knew that they had to have just sliced me open. Very weird to feel it and yet not feel it at all. Anywho, those were the quickest 15 minutes of my life, I don't really remember much. Just a lot of tugging and moving around of my belly. All the sudden Dr. Cohen says, "We have a lot of meconium here guys." This freaked me out some because I know that can be a serious issue. Babies are usually taken to the NICU and have some kind of infection from swallowing their first poo. But he didn't say anything else about it and just kept on going.
     Finally G stands up for some reason and then says, "I see her!" Except... I can't hear her. I start to panic immediately. I think that something happened; the dips in her heart rate earlier were really a big issue and we should have gone in for the c-section earlier because something was wrong. I started to shout as calmly as possible (through tears): "Is she alive? Is she alive?" But no one was answering me. Of course this only served to terrify me even more. Thankfully, G finally answered me and said that she was alive, and she screamed at the same time. It was the most beautiful sound in that moment (now, however, that is to be questioned!)
     The doctor told me then that Abby's umbilical cord was very very short, and that it was a great thing that we had done the c-section. Her short cord is what was causing the decelerations in her heart rate earlier that day. Had we gone through with natural birth, she wouldn't have been able to make it all the way through because her cord wouldn't have reached. We most likely would have had a still birth. Praise the Lord that we chose to stay and then agreed to the c-section!
     They took her to the other side of the room to begin cleaning her up, and G was able to go over to her and be with her while I was to get sewn up. Thankfully the anesthesiologist stayed right there with me the whole time, so I wasn't alone. So, I began asking him all kinds of questions, "What is that number mean? What is that splatter I just felt? What are these little wires? What is the combination of drugs that is in the Spinal that you gave me? etc etc" Before the surgery, I asked Nurse Jackie if they were going to put me out for the surgery, and she said not unless I get too anxious and freak out. Once I started asking all kinds of questions that the anesthesiologist said he's never been asked before, he jokingly said he might have to put me out for talking too much! hahahah! Of course, I'd be the one that is threatened with that type of action during major surgery! 
     Shortly thereafter, the nurse brought my precious daughter to me and I was able to see Abby for the first time! She was absolutely gorgeous! No lies! I've always stated that I do believe there are ugly babies, and that I've prayed that the Lord would give us a cute baby. Because while I would love my child no matter what, I would still be able to tell if my precious sweet baby was ugly! Thankfully the baby in front of me was so adorable! The nurse held her to my face for a few minutes and I got to stare at her sweet face and cry tears of joy that I finally was able to meet this little human that had been growing inside me for the past 9 months. Abby was then taken to the recovery room, and G went with her, while I finished in surgery.
     The doctor, anesthesiologist, and I began chatting and cracking jokes at that point. It got me through the rest of the surgery, which lasted another 30 minutes (the whole surgery was 1 hour total). Finally, I was all sewn up and ready to be taken to recovery to be reunited with the new addition to my precious family. They wheeled me into the recovery room, and G says I was loopy from the drugs because I started telling him all about the Disney Cruise trip that my anesthesiologist was taking with his family soon. I remember this because I was NOT loopy. I felt perfectly fine... too fine I guess! ahahah! But I really did feel completely sane mentally speaking.
     And then there we were, just me and my baby, and G. It was the most beautiful sight when I was wheeled into the recovery room. G was hovering over the little plastic hospital bed Abby was in, and he was just staring at her in silence. It was wonderful; I wish I could have captured that moment with a picture. I knew right then and there that she had captured his heart and our lives would never be the same.

Nomi Sarah with Abby
Gdad Randy and G and baby Abby
Gma Carol and Abby
Dad with Abby
First Family photo... sorta
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