Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Month Four

     On October 28th you turned Four Months! My how you've grown Abigail! It's amazing! Things are starting to get really fun with you. While you were super precious your first couple of months, you were pretty much just crying all the time... or sleeping, which was a nice relief from the crying. But now that you're smiling, things are much more fun. Speaking of smiling... you are now laughing... there's no denying it now, it's clear. You are laughing. And it's super cute! I do all I can just to get you to laugh: I sing you ridiculous songs, I make ridiculous faces, and I play with your feet and dance you around, which you seem to really enjoy the most.

     You are also enjoying sticking your entire hand into your mouth, it's quite fun to watch. You are becoming more aware of the rest of your body all the time. 


    While you still don't enjoy being on your tummy, Mommy has made a much better effort at trying to give you more tummy time so you can get used to being on your tummy, in the hopes that you would turn over soon. You hate being on your tummy. HATE it! You cry cry cry. But it's starting to get better, slowly. 

You are also starting to drool like crazy! That can only mean one time... teething is coming!

     By the end of the month you started to roll over onto your side a little bit. I was so ecstatic! I was even able to catch you on video doing it the first time I got to see you do it. Mommy was pretty happy about this and only slightly freaking out!

     During the Women's Retreat this month, Mommy's friend Jackie came to help lead the worship for the ladies and brought your friend Peyton. You guys had fun playing together, and we got to see a little bit of what Jackie tells me happens while she watches you: you and Peyton hold hands. When you guys were hanging out this time, Peyton kept trying to hold you hand and put it in his mouth and you were just all over the place... and eventually turning over! he! It was all pretty cute!

     Last month, you started getting up in the middle of the night again, twice a night to be exact. This month, you graced me with three times a night. How sweet of you darling. I think one difference though, was that I was adamant about me you getting more sleep, so I would put you back down again in the morning to sleep for longer, which meant another feeding. You're so precious when you sleep! And sometimes,  you fall asleep with your right eye slightly open. I watch and wonder if you're actually asleep or if you're just trying to keep tabs on me, and make sure I don't go put you down.

     Your eating is pretty much the same. We have started to get a more regular schedule though. While the times aren't necessarily regular, you've managed to create a schedule for yourself of eating every 3 to 4 hours, which is much nicer than every 2 hours. I think this is partly due to the fact that you have now gotten Mommy's milk supply back up, so you can relax more now. 

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