Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A White Wedding

     December 17th, our friends Chris and Carrie were married at a beautiful ceremony in Bakersfield. She looked just stunning, and they both looked so happy to finally be joining their lives together after several years of dating (and part of that time spent apart while Carried was teaching in the Philippines as a missionary).

Best friends for 15 yrs.ish: Chris and Grant at the rehearsal dinner
     Between the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day we were pretty busy and exhausted from driving down to Bako back and forth, back and forth. It was only made more exhausting by the fact that a beloved member of our church past earlier that week, and therefore, we unexpectedly had a viewing one night, and the funeral the next morning before driving down for the rehearsal. Needless to say, Grant was pretty tired that week. Overall, we are so very excited for our friends, and we wish them many more years of happiness to come.

     We were very excited too that some of Grant and Chris' old friends from college were able to come out from Louisiana and southern CA to attend the wedding. After hearing so many crazy stories of their college life, the wives and girlfriends were excited to finally meet everyone and have them all in one spot together. I had a great time meeting Micah and his girlfriend from Louisiana, and spending more time with Jeremy and his wife Tammy.

Micah, Grant, Chris, and Jeremy

Micah and his g/f dancing the night away!
     Abigail did a great job at the wedding. I didn't see her much since both sets of grandparents were there as well. I sat with the other girls at the reception while Abby had fun with her grandparents. Her granddad every tried to sneak her some frosting off his cupcake, and succeeded, but not without a crazed mother look from me (The day before at the funeral feast, one of our church members had done the same with every single sweet he had in front of him. He fed her some of everything. I was slightly outraged, therefore not really helping my calmness with it came to granddad feeding her frosting the next day. Whoops).

Bennett Grandparents

Aunt Beeb trying to mimic your face

     ...and what would a fun event be without Grant making me laugh?

Grant's burp...  shocks me into hysterics

Happy wedding to Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Carrie White!


  1. I'm stealing that photo! Love it.

  2. right?! It's great, I have a few others. ANd yes, I will send them to you. Probably wed or thurs. I am going down to Bako tomorrow to visit one of our members in rehab... for knee surgery. Just thought I should clarify! ahahah.


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