Saturday, May 12, 2012

Month Eight

    Last month you were a scootin' machine, and now this month, you started crawling for real! Everyone thought that your scooting should be classified as crawling, but I refused to believe it to be a crawl. I would consider you crawling when you were on your knees for several crawls rather than just one crawl and then scoots. You had to stay on your knees for a while. And you started doing that this month! Right at the beginning of the month you started takin' off! You were crawling everywhere. You were so happy to be free and started checking out your surroundings. You were so happy that your legs were taking you faster than your arms could carry you. Sometimes your crawl would consist of you keeping your legs kinda straight with your butt in the air and walk/crawling on your hands and feet. You were like a walking tent.
     You stood up on your own for the first time this month! On a box...

We tried making a barricade by the door so that you couldn't crawl onto the tile and pick up all the little rocks, that had been trailed in by our shoes, and eat them. You quickly showed us that our measly barricade of a box, and a bag of toilet paper rolls was no match for you! Big girl!

     When we went to the doctor for our checkup, you had fun playing on the paper, and you made quite a little mess too!

     You tried several new foods out this month! Some were:

Yummy Butternut Squash

Bananas were super tasty!
We even started incorporating yogurt to make our food creamier and more filling. You really like it!

     A couple days I tried letting you cry, one day, when you got quiet all if the sudden....

I went into your room...
and his is how I found you taking a nap!
And the next day...
Sleeping still isn't that great. We're still waking up every few hours. Not much more to say about that, we all know how I feel about it! :)

Some other fun things that happened this month:
You love to bounce around while daddy plays his Uke for you!
You discovered the water bottle, and you LOVE to drink from it! And you get soaked too!


  1. loved seeing her at the shower today. I almost think she recognized me. At least she seemed to come to me.She was so cute just tootling around so much. She loves her freedom

  2. What a happy baby! I love the pictures of her playing with the paper at the doctor's office.


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