Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 1 - Week 18

To what would be the delight of our families, Grant and I decided to start trying for a family in February 2010.
It wasn't until April that I stopped taking birth control, however.
After many negative pregnancy tests, we finally got what we were looking for in September:

The night before I took the test, we had gone to Ridgecrest for a date night, fancy, I know! We went to this great sushi restaurant, which blew my mind and made me a super happy girl. Finding out the next day that we were pregnant, I was very happy to know that my last meal had been sushi, b/c I could not in good conscience eat delicious sushi after that.  Sushi, you will be missed for the next 9 months!

We made our doctor appt for the next week and got it confirmed with a due date of June! We immediately called every family member and told them out good news. I wanted to do something fun, but my MIL was going to be absent from Bennett Family dinner that week, and so we just decided to call everyone, which worked out b/c I could not contain the good news any longer! I was bursting!

Grant and I never agree on any names. Occasionally over the years, I've mentioned names to him, and he turns them all down. And he has been obsessed with Stacy, so he can sing the song "Stacy's Mom Has Got it Goin on" to me... and I have refused this suggested multiple times with every fiber of my being! By some crazy miracle, we were able to agree on a baby name for a boy when we found out we were pregnant! However, we eventually decided to wait until we found out what we were having to think any more about it.

The next few months passed pretty uneventful. We jokingly wondered if I was even pregnant b/c I've had absolutely no symptoms, no cravings, no sickness, no nausea, and no weight gain. I actually lost 2 pounds within my first several doctor appointments, and have kept it off. Everything has gone smoothly. Around week 12, however, I did have a bit of a scare, but everything is perfectly fine. The only thing that has been a pain in my side is the Heartburn... it's driving me nuts! The last several weeks it has really begun to flare up! Pepcid Complete has been my best friend, however, I went to many different stores last weekend trying to find it, and I'm afraid that it is on hold until March, is what I've heard. Hopefully it's not discontinued all-together. It really is the best thing ever!

Here is a picture of me at Christmas, week 15.

Mom and Baby Bennett

 Grant and I

 Me and Grant's Twin sisters, S and C

Progressing along:

Week 18

Finally, Week 18, my belly began to start looking pregnant. I have not had to buy any maternity clothes at all, my jeans have actually been getting roomier up until this point. With no symptoms to make me feel pregnant, the beginnings of a growing belly has been very welcome!


  1. so jealous that you never experienced morning sickness, but not jealous of your heartburn... I have just started getting a tiny bit

  2. So very happy for you Meghan, yes, finally pictures of you growing, can't wait, I have made this blog one of my favorites that I will follow, LOVE YA, Aunt T

  3. You make it look so easy! I am so excited to meet your little girl soon!!!

  4. J-The Heartburn is awful! so awful! it's getting worse and worse too... it's creeping up after every single meal! ridiculous!

    T- You are one of the reasons I thought to create it, I thought you'd want to be up to date with what's going on.

    C-right? it does look pretty easy so far... we'll just see how the labor goes! ahahah!

  5. Sushi?! Really! that is really what you will miss... gross. You are so crazy! I love you! Tell us more! And yes... love the background!!

  6. yes sushi! heck yes! so delish!
    more coming this week.
    I'm hoping to get something out every week.

  7. Total baby bump! Precious. Glad I'm not knocked up, I plan on partaking in some sushi SOON!

  8. .... gr!

    Although, i did find out, that there are some things I can still have, just not all the sushi.


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