Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 19

As of Saturday, I am 19 weeks along.

Baby Bennett is the size of a mango, and an average of 8.5oz.

Grant and I decided many months ago to wait to choose a name for Baby Bennett until we knew for sure what the sex is. Since finding out last week that it's a girl, we haven't really had too much time to sit down and think of names, what with me in the midst of a long-term sub job, and many of our church members in the hospital. We have a name on the table that we both like, and Grant really likes it and would be fine with it; I, however, would like to explore some other names before we make a definite decision. However, I am super thrilled that this is the second name that we have been able to agree upon; the previous name being for a boy, which is now moot.

Shower and Nursery Updates:
Saturday, to celebrate week 19, I decided to finally get a head start on shower preparations. I went to eight antique and thrift stores around the valley. I found success at a few of them. I was looking for old antique bottles and vases. My favorite find was this: I love this bottle that is smooshed down flat! It's great!

I looked for old frames for the nursery as well, but didn't have so much luck, none, in fact. I might have to just get those at Ikea.

When I got home yesterday, I finally compiled an email full of pictures and links that served as my inspiration for the nursery... I could not be more thrilled with how it's going. If you would like to receive the email, shoot me your address. Otherwise, you will eventually see it when I get it done, which is hopefully sometime before Baby Bennett is born.

Baby Bennett's Current Living Quarters (Me):
Every Sunday morning, for the last several Sundays, I have experienced these hot-flash type episodes. I get extremely hot and light headed. I must sit or lie down and take a breather. It has never interfered much with the getting ready process, I sit down for a minute, and then continue getting ready, no problems. However, this morning, it would not subside! I found myself lying in the hallway, then eventually moving to the bed. I could not get ready for more than a few minutes before the light headedness reared it's ugly head again. Thankfully, I was able to make it through and finish getting ready for church and, the ultimate goal, be on time. I don't know what this is, but it's getting frustrating. Grant offered to put a fan in the bathroom for me, which I think will help immensely!

My hair is starting to break off a bit around my forehead... weird. I'm assuming it's relating to the pregnancy, I've never had this before. Not big deal though.

I've noticed an extreme change in my breathing. I have to take deeper breaths now; if I'm up and about and I sit down, or I move, I'll have to stop and regulate my breathing first, this is mostly at night while I'm trying to sleep though. I try sleeping on my left side which seemed to help a bit, but I can't sleep all night on that side otherwise my body will ache all day.

My belly is about the same as last week, maybe just a little bit rounder.
Grant noticed Monday night that my belly was a little lopsided to the right, I of course, had no clue.

I haven't really had any cravings at all yet. Not anything that is unusual for me; I love food and want to eat all the time as a rule, and that hasn't changed. 

Heartburn is awful, and it makes me want to die. the end.

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  1. You sound like a radiant mother to be, it all comes with the course of the pregnancy; LOVE THE BOARDER, IT IS FUN!!!!!
    Love Aunt Theresa Pofahl


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