Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Friends!

     New friends are great! I'm not great at making new friends, it scares me for some reason. Those that know me, know that I'm a crazy weirdo that's very outgoing. But for some reason, when it comes to new people, I am very shy and scared. Especially with people that I hope will really like me. I can't talk to them b/c I'm too shy, but I'm willing them to become my new friend in my mind! It totally works... in my mind... although, I haven't had too much success with this approach unfortunately. Let me know if you've gotten it to work out for you, I want your tips!
     Anywho, a few months ago, Grant and I went to a Pastor's Association dinner for all of the pastor's in the local valley where we live. I was nervous/excited because I heard that this other couple was going to be there, (James and Jacqueline) and I was hoping beyond hope that we would become friends.... mainly because she was young like me, and those are few and far between in this valley! I had heard her and her husband lead worship at a Pastor's Association Service we had a few months earlier and was blown away by their talent (Another reason I knew we had to be friends).
     The whole night I was hoping that we'd somehow get thrown together and have a chance to talk, but it wasn't working out. There were assigned seats, and we weren't seated by each other at all... shame shame! But thankfully at the very end... as we were all talking about how we needed to leave, somehow, we got thrown together! And we just started talking... and talking... and talking! And we probably could have kept talking if we all weren't also trying to go home as well.
     *As a side note, we were both hugely pregnant and I told her about the Bradley Method of childbirth that I had studied and planned on using, and she was all sorts of interested. Upon talking to her after she did give birth, she said she used the Bradley Method (natural childbirth), and she said that it worked out great! After my childbirth that involved much intervention (unfortunately), I give her mad props for going through with it, especially since she just heard about it through a stranger! She's my new hero!

Jacqueline: 2 days overdue; Me: 8 months pregnant
     That night I was so excited that we were able to talk and we became friends on facebook. My good friend Heather came up to take newborn pictures of Abby, and Jacqueline's MIL saw the pictures and basically set up a time for Heather and I to go over to Jacqueline's to have her newborn photo shoot. So we went to her house, we barely knew each other, I was nervous, but it worked, and we clicked, and a friendship began to bloom!
     I found out that she opened a daycare in her home and was looking for children, and I was desperately looking for someone I could trust to watch Abby when I went back to work a few days a week. God is so good for setting these things up for us! Many of you were wondering who watches Abby while I'm subbing during the week... so, meet Jacqueline, my new friend! I love to chat and laugh with her! I'm so thankful that God sent a wonderful new friend into my life!

     And what's more, our little ones are new best friends too! Here's Peyton and Abby:


  1. I have always thought you made new friends very easily, in fact I envy your ability to just introduce yourself and strike up conversations with new people. By the end of the PW's retreat, you had about 8 new friends and I had about 2.

  2. I definitely don't make friends easily... normally. It's really hard for me. I have to intentionally put myself out there, and I'm freaking out the whole time! But Grant has really coached me through this issue I have of nervousness with meeting new people, and it's really helped.

  3. Awww...I didn't know Abby had made a friend. -


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