Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nursery Update

     I haven't really had the opportunity to begin cleaning out the spare room, which will be Baby Girl's room here pretty soon. And it just hit me this morning how SOON soon really is! The long-term sub job I took in January pretty much exhausted me, and pretty much labeled me good-for-nothing in every other area. Thankfully, The Husband, has been gracious enough to slowly pick away at it. Every weekend he takes one of the numerous boxes we have lying around (The Husband is addicted to Amazon and buying EV-E-RY-THING through them, so needless to say, the box pile gets huge pretty quickly), and begins to pack little parts of the room away.

     He hasn't said anything about me NOT helping yet, I'm sure it's b/c he's super thrilled that I've been subbing like crazy the last two months. And while I have been enjoying subbing, and hope it continues, since I won't be able to sub like this next year, I do hope that every once in a while I get a couple days off so I can start really making some headway in that room.

     The responsibilities of being the Worship Leader at our church, and of just being a pastor's wife in general, means that many weekends and weeknights are full of practices, church events, visitation, etc. With Baby Girl coming at the end of June-ish, this means that I also am trying to fit in shopping days (in which I must drive to Bako b/c let's be real, this town ain't got much in the way of stores, ie: Target, Walmart, Michael's, etc), to get things for the shower and nursery, time to make any of the DIY projects I've decided I really want to do, the actual shower, I want to make an Ikea trip to get some little things for the nursery, repainting the crib, refinishing the dresser, and somehow I need to find time to clean up and haul everything currently in the room and find some place for it that does not exist, and then paint, and decorate Baby Girl's room... all in time for June. And ideally, it would be mostly done by the beginning of June b/c who knows when Baby Girl could come, and if she comes early for some reason, I def won't be spending a lot of time finishing her nursery.

     Holy cow, I don't think even I realized how much there really is to do to get everything ready for Baby Girl's arrival. Now that I am more aware, I better get on the ball here! I am not a really crafty person by any means, so I'm really excited to try to use this time to expand my own abilities and craftiness and make a little room for my girl that she will love. Not that she'll even know what's going on for a very long time, but hey, I gotta spend a lot of time in there, so I want to like it until she can appreciate it herself!

     The Husband and I have been given many items so far for Baby Girl, and we've purchased a couple as well. Check in later to see what we have so generously been given or lent when I post pictures of everything.

     On a lighter note:
     Here is an adorable nursery. I am doing gray and yellow as well, so I was really drawn to how this mom used the gray and yellow in her son's nursery. I really want to find that cover for the changing table pad, it's so cute! The pop of color from the one yellow wall really mixes things up! Enjoy!

Click here to see more of Baby Cragg's nursery.

Have a great week!
Much love, Meg


  1. Meghan! I am so very excited for you and your hubby. I think you could find some material like that and make a cover for the changing table....

  2. You think so? I mean, I guess I could, if I knew how to sew... I seriously want to learn, but don't know how. bummers. I could do so many things if I knew how!


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