Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I came across some super cute and funny little onesies the other day!
I think my favorites are 4, 6, and 9!

1. Arrr...Change Me Booty
2. Owl, Tie, and Whale Onesies
3. Tax Deduction
4. Miso Cute
5. Iron-on Penguin, Elephant, and Giraffe Onesies
6. iPood
7. Diaper Loading... Please Wait
8. Gray Owl
9. Green Eggs and Ham

And I couldn't help but show these cuties!

The Wishing Elephant Etsy Store
     This gal's store has some super cute onesies! I know several prego ladies, so this is an idea on my list for gifts. She has some cute sets as well for twins or triplets. The felt she uses on the onesies are all 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. I'm not a super Green freak, but I do think it's super neat when people try to make a small difference in their every day lives to try and contribute and protect God's earth. 


  1. Those are awesome! The tax deduction one is my favorite:).

  2. Isn't that just so cute?! I love it!
    I love that there are creative people out there that come up with these cute ideas, cause I'm not one of them! aahahah!


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