Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 27 and 28

     Some of you have pointed out to me that I failed to post for Week 27, you're right. I assure you that I feel awful! With our Bradley Classes being on Saturdays from 10-2, smack dab right in the middle of the day, it makes it difficult to post when I get home after the drive back up the canyon. And Sunday after church, we had a local community group come to use the church's mega screen for their children's double feature movie day. We inevitably stayed and watched the movies with them and helped out with the sound equipment. Needless to say, after being at church from 9 to 5, I was not in any particular mood to post, no take a picture for the post more importantly.

     Last week I had my check up at the doctor's, and by doctor I mean nurse, b/c I don't ever see my doctor. The appointment went well; we had a little laugh b/c baby girl was being so active that the nurse was having a hard time finding her heartbeat, all you could hear was baby girl swishing about actively! Finally she found her heartbeat, and said things look/sound great. She mentioned that all previous tests came back looking great. I gained 3 pounds this last month, putting me at 7 pounds (between my first two appointments, I lost 2 pounds, which is why it's not counting as more, as I gained 7 pounds alone my previous month). My nurse is very pleased with my progress, and even said, "You must be eating really healthy b/c you're doing great!" My response was to smile and not blurt out how I eat chocolate pretty much every day! ahahah! But I have been so cautious about my breakfasts and lunches the past few months, which I think is having a big impact.

     Looking at week 27: The Bump says that baby girl's nose is now unplugging and she is beginning to practice inhaling (she is inhaling amniotic fluid right now).

     Looking at week 28: I've made it to my third trimester now! Baby girl is still the size of an eggplant, but The Bump says that if born now, her lungs are developed enough, that with medical technology, she would likely survive. Baby girl is around 13.6-14.8 inches and 1.5-2.2  pounds. Amazing!

     Today is a big day: Not only have I begun the last trimester (only 3 more months to go before we get to meet our precious girl), BUT this morning, G also got to feel baby girl for the first time! She kicked me pretty hard this morning upon waking up, and I immediately moved his hand over my belly hoping she might kick that hard again (he hasn't been able to feel the small little kicks yet, so I've had to wait for some really serious kicking of hers), and he said... "I felt that!" Oh man, my heart leapt with joy! I have been waiting for weeks and weeks for this moment!

     Some things I've noticed the past few weeks: The heartburn is creeping back in every night, no matter what I eat, it's super frustrating! A few new stretch marks, which is fine, they match the collection. It's definitely time for a new bra, nothing to be excited about. I finally gave in and got some maternity pants last week; which have been GREAT! The BeBand lasted as long as I could make it, and it was a good friend to me, but when students at school are noticing the button and zipper line through the BeBand and shirt, it's time for some maternity clothes! My back has been hurting the past week, not sudden, intense pressure, just ongoing sore pain, which sucks. And if I sit and lean or hunch over, say the desk, I get a frustrating pain at the top of my abdomen, right under my bra, so I have to try leaning back and stretching out to make it go away.



  1. You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I am so glad Grant got to feel the movement of baby
    AUNT T

  2. You're almost there! Or...she's almost here! Cute baby bump, you've got that pregnancy glow and are looking great!

  3. Thanks Aunt T, I think he was pretty excited about this new development too!

    Heather, Thank you! It frustrates me sometimes b/c I feel I look bigger than the picture depicts, but o well. Eventually, the pictures will show how big I am!

  4. I totally left a comment yesterday but I'm guessing it didn't go through. I'm so glad Grant can finally feel the kicks...hopefully I will get to feel them too!! I'm so excited about spending some time in Kernville. I really really hope I'm not putting you out too much...but I'm excited! And I love the headband, super cute!

  5. Thanks Friend! I didn't get your other comment, bummer. You are so not putting me out! It will be nice to have someone around here! I'll have to clean, and the place is in desperate need, so that's a good thing! I can't wait for our day trip! I'm so excited! And to spend time with some girl friends! I'm so glad you're coming up!


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