Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Must Haves

There are a few things I have come to find that are "Must Haves" for me as a mommy, and for baby Abby.


     I always seem to be in such a hurry lately! I can never get anywhere on time anymore, as if I did a great job of that before I had Abby! That means I don't get to spend much time getting ready anymore. I have to have products that allow me to not spend much time but give me at least some semblance of being put together! Therefore, I find that these products are must haves for me! I have gone through so many different mascaras in my life it's ridiculous! But this kind I have settled on. I've even tried other Cover Girl mascaras after using this one, but I've gone back to this one. It has the best volume without having to coat my lashes 20 billion times! For a natural look I just put one layer on, and for a more punchy look, two layers. And while the first layer is drying, I put on some face color.
Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara
     For that I use Bare Minerals All Over Face Color. I use Bare Minerals for all my other make up and I am just in love. It all started many years ago when I was working at Curves. One of the ladies that came in to work out was in her sixties and looked ridiculously amazing! My co-worker and I commented on how beautiful her face looked, no wrinkles what-so-ever, smooth smooth smooth! She mentioned that she used this make up! Immediately we set a date to go to the little boutique down the street and pick some up! And so my love affair with Bare Minerals began! My skin was so blotchy looking from bad teenage acne days, that I'm still trying to recover from. But this make up seemed to take care of my problems and yet I didn't feel like I was being weighed down by my make up. The must have of the bare minerals for me is the all over face color. I trade off between the Warmth and True. Warmth is basically a bronzer type color that is perfect for summer time when you want that beach-y tan look, and the True is a sheer pink-ish sparkly color that is also great for summer when you want a bit of color and rosy cheeks. It makes for a very easy quick way to give myself some color without taking up a lot of time.

Bare Minerals All Over Face Color in Warmth and True

     My next Must Have is a hair accessory, but I cannot find a picture that will let me download it, so I had to take a picture of my own. Earl Reid designs these hair pieces that are so great! I got mine at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival (Which, if you've never gone, you need to go!) a few years back and at first I had some buyers-remorse. But a few months later, I became attached to this thing! I use it all the time! You can put your hair up super quick and yet it still looks great because the hair piece is so pretty.
     He does have another one that looks more like a comb and you can do SO much more with that piece! I'll need to get one next time. My mom has one, and I borrow it every time I go over to her place, I think I even used it for my wedding at the last minute. If you go onto his website he even has how-to videos on using them. It's so great! This is definitely my go-to when I have run out of time and I only have a few minutes to do my hair.


     Long before Abby was even born, my dear cousin sent me a package of these Aden & Anias blankets. I was super excited! She said they were the best! And Grant's cousin Jennifer confirmed that for me. I love these blankets for several reasons. One, they are light weight and very large! Plus they have a very slight stretch to them so I can make sure to tuck Abby in super tight! I also love that because they are so big I can use them for so many other things. I use it to cover her car seat when we go outside, and it's so big that it overlaps the car seat and drags on the ground if I don't tuck it in. I also love that they have such fun designs (there are so many to choose from!) I really want to get more, and I'd like to get the ones below! Super cute!

Aden & Anias Blankets
     My other go to is the pacifier from the hospital! Love it! We dropped them so many times in the hospital I'm pretty sure my nurse was thoroughly irritated with the volume of "we need a new pacifier" calls she got from us. O well. Thankfully they sell these in stores now so I wasn't having to "drop" them just to stock up. Of course right when the lactation consultant walked in at the hospital she pointed to Abby, who was being held by someone else, and said, "No pacifier!" And I completely took her advice... not. It wasn't really even advice, it was more of a command. And I don't take anyone's commands, so there! Plus, as a side note, she pretty much sucked as a lactation consultant anyways, so I wasn't going to listen to anything else she said! I love this... not necessarily because of the brand, but rather because it gives my ears a rest. And I know you're not supposed to use a pacifier simply to quell the baby, but sometimes, ya just gotta! I mostly try to use it just when she wants to suck but isn't necessarily hungry. But it's also super cute to watch her suck when she's napping and she doesn't have the pacifier in her mouth!
Pacifier by Avent
That's it for this week, I'll post more as time goes on and more things prove themselves to be Must Haves!

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