Friday, August 26, 2011

One Month Pictures!

I smiled and they got the perfect shot of me! Mommy was VERY pleased with me!

     Now this shot was a little more irritating. First, they took off my clothes, and my friend Hez was there... thanks mom! Then, they kept moving me all around, and I showed my distaste by immediately changing positions, HA! To counteract that, they shoved that black fabric up between my legs to hide girl parts, like that was super comfortable! I could tell I was going to have to do something really outrageous to let them get the hint... so... I felt a bit of gas coming... and I pooped on her precious black blanket... not too much to make a scene, but enough to show them that this whole set up they had going on was NOT okay with me! And to give it a little extra punch, I started screaming! Thankfully, they wrapped their little ridiculous game up quickly after that! Ha! That'll show that crazy mom of mine to never try that again! 

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