Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids These Days!

Today was utterly exhausting.
Yesterday, I took a much needed trip to Bako to visit friends and go baby shower invitation shopping, thank you H for helping me pick out the paper for the invitations! Now, I just need to get to work and make them all!

Then, I got to have dinner with my gal, S, and ended up staying out until 10:30, so therefore I didn't get home until quite late. It was so worth it to have great talk with the besty though!

This morning came WAY too early! And I subbed for a set of classes that makes me want to rip my hair out and shove it in the kids mouths! The freshman classes are SO LOUD! It's crazy! I was called names this morning, specifically "Fat" being one of them... I was not having any of that... I made sure to let the kid know that this belly was all pregnancy, not fat... which is not entirely true, but he doesn't need to know that. Because I didn't actually hear the kid say this (another student told me, but I totally believe her, I've heard this other kid talking crap before), I didn't send him to the dean, but I sure gave him a stern talking to, which felt great. It's amazing how pissed off students get these days when you ask them to get the assignment their teacher left done. They feel so entitled that they should be able to to whatever they want, and I should just sit by and let them. gah!

I really hope that The Husband and I are able to raise our children in such a way that they have respect for adults and for others. That even when they really don't want to do whatever the assignment is, or chore, etc, instead of complaining, they'll just do it without arguing (believe it or not, there are some students that don't complain and just get the work done, it's so lovely). Many students today seem to think that by telling me that they don't want to do the assignment, that I'll magically tell them they don't have to do it. As if they're the ONLY ONE that doesn't want to complete the work. No, no one wants to do it turd, you're just the one complaining about it, thinking it will change things. Gah, again!

On a lighter note:

I was reading Spearmint Baby today and she featured these oh so adorable baby hats! I can't handle how much I love the little owl hats, and the sock monkey set, that little tail is too cute! Check them out Sweet Love Creates.

And lastly, yesterday I also got to visit my friend L, and her sweet mother couldn't help but take a few pics of my pregnant belly. Thank you so much J, b/c I can't get The Husband to take a good one. It seems impossible!


Week 21
Week 21


  1. Meggers! When is your shower? And why are YOU planning it? Why aren't we planning it?

    Nice pics, by the way:).

  2. My shower is April 23rd, hopefully, I have to confirm with your mom. But I'm helping my mother plan it, I enjoy doing this stuff, I have all these ideas, and I want to. I'm weird like that.

    But I have jobs for everyone, don't worry! hahaha!

  3. These are such cute outfits, can't wait to see you soon

    Let me know what my job assignment is for April 23rd.

    Love Aunt T

  4. T, yeah, Mom and I talked today, We are super excited to go down and see you in two weeks!

    Your job will probably be helping decorate and set everything up! Is that cool? It's gunna be so much fun! I'm gunna set up our speakers for the Zune and make a special baby shower mix so we can rock out while we get ready! Unless you plan on coming down early and want to do some food? I'm gunna ask if we can do a sorta potluck thing for the shower, where certain people are assigned certain items. I think it will make things easier! Let me know what you think.


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