Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 22

Today is 22 weeks people!
Holy cow, it's really starting to pick up and feel like I'm pregnant!
I was wondering when that would kick in; it seemed so far away when we first found out.

This week: TheBump says that Baby Girl Bennett is the size of a Papaya!

Week 22
     This is an avg. size of 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.5 to 20.8 oz.
     TheBump also says that baby can now hear outside noise from inside the womb, and that gentle music and my voice is most soothing.
     Baby Girl has been super active this week! She seems to be moving around mostly after I eat in the morning, or at night when I get into bed. My students are all sad that they can't feel her yet, but I tell them "in time, in time."

Some Things I've Noticed This Week:
     So, after last week's melt down, The Husband so graciously ordered me a Boppy Body Pillow! I about cried when he pulled it out of the box for me; And, it's so cute, and totally works with my colors, which isn't necessarily that important, but hello, I'd like to hug something cute close to me throughout the night, rather than ugly! My growing belly is very appreciative of this new pillow, and I'm sure it will only get more appreciative as the weeks go by.

     Also this week, I did a little Baby Morphing via TheBump. I added a picture of me, and The Husband, from the same picture, and I was right, we DEFINITELY have reason to worry about our child's cuteness factor.... Enjoy this little gem! These two pictures bore us....

                                                                 THIS scary creature!

Baby Bennett Morph

     I think that our baby has a little of The Husband's mustache... oh dear!

Baby Bennett's Current Living Quarters:
     My body is freaking out. To be specific, my nails, hair, and skin. Nails: thin and peel-y; Hair: breaking off like a little girl's hair; Skin: drying out again like the Sahara Desert. It's driving me crazy! I've been eating chocolate like crazy this week. It's bad. I don't need it, but my hand is so quick to reach for that dollar bill before my mind can catch up and tell it no, and before I know what I'm doing, I'm eating another chocolate bar, and enjoying every minute; except for all the guilt I feel while eating it too. ah, well!
     My belly is getting slighty bigger by the week. The day after I was called fat by a student, I was told I still look very thin, and they couldn't tell I was pregnant. What do kids know these days anyways... well, lots, but concerning this belly: Nothing!!!


Week 22

     I was laughing during this picture b/c I could not see ANYTHING! The sun was right in my face! But it was the best looking picture in terms of belly. Sorry it's kinda hard to see, the light blue shirt against the white railing, but you get the idea, my belly is getting bigger. 

     I think that's enough for now, but check back in later this week when I post my Ultrasound pictures. I finally was able to make it down to my mother's in order to scan them, practically a month later, but better late than never.


  1. Dude your belly has gotten bigger since I made you drop trou on Monday for me. Freaky!

  2. I love it I can totally tell now!!! You look beautiful, can`t wait to see you and the bump; LOVE AUNT T

  3. Right!? It's kinda scary. I also didn't zip or button my pants this time b/c it really cuts into the largeness of the belly, so I thought that this would be easier to tell how big it's getting. I'm at that in between stage where my pants are getting slightly too small, but I'm sure that maternity pants would be too big. Happy day!

  4. Hah! I will love my freaky, uggggly little niece! Maybe she can have electrolosis for that extra facial hair around her mouth and her bizarro eyebrows! At least she has a nice nose. This will be her prize feature. I will show people pictures of my niece and when they react silently, unsure what to say, I will interject, "doesn't she has a nice nose?" And they will relievedly say, "yes! She has an adorable nose!" And then they will
    change the subject.

    This picture made my day. I know your girl will be cuter than that!!! But regardless, I think it needs to end up in her wedding slide show in 20 odd years.

  5. Carolyn, It is a pretty awful picture! I can't deny it! I have enough faith in God that he wouldn't do that to us! ahahah! We def will have to keep it around... cause that would be funny to pull it out way in the future!


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