Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nursery Finds

     I've been spending a lot of time on different websites this week, and the past few months really, trying to find nursery ideas. I pretty much have set exactly what I want to do, but since I haven't purchased anything yet, I'm still enjoying looking around for any new ideas that I just HAVE to incorporate into Baby Girl's room. Plus, if anything, it's helping me to really narrow down exactly what I want to do with her room. I'm getting really excited, b/c after a full month of long-term subbing, my paycheck will be here this week and I can start purchasing items for Baby Girl's room!

     I thought I'd post some pictures and links to some really cute nurseries and fun craft ideas that I've come across this week that I want to try adding to the nursery.

Blue Nurseries for Girls:

Lay Baby Lay

     This is one of the most adorable little girl nurseries I have seen! I LOVE the light blue. And of course, I'm in love with the gray accents she added. I love the antique touches. I love the collage of pictures. I am also in love with the really bold rug! I wish I had hard floors so that I could do a really bold rug like that.

     I really like the light blue in this little girl's room as well. I find the bird mobile too adorable! And I've seen that Ikea light fixture in many a nursery lately, I'm thinking it would look really cute, but then we'd have no fan, and it can get pretty hot up here in the summer! You'd think living in the mountains would keep things pretty cool, but it's mountains smack dab in the middle of the desert, and it gets just as awful as Bakersfield!

Mobile Ideas:
     I really like this bird mobile, and I think it would look really cute with some of the extra scrapbooking paper I got for Baby Girl's shower invitations, however, I think it is a bit more intensive that what I have time or am capable of. I don't think I even have all the items necessary.
     I think what I'll do instead, b/c I think it would be fun to make something (I really am interested in making her nursery as personal as possible with hand made things from friends and family members), is to make this mobile. If you zoom in, you can see that all the pieces are actually different shapes, which is even cuter. Here is a picture of one very similar that my friend H made for her son. It's so cute, and she makes it seem so doable!


     I absolutely LOVE these DIY Pom Poms. The top one is made out of T-Shirts, and the bottom of Fabric. Many nursery pics I've looked at have had similar pom poms hung above the crib as a mobile, or above the changing table, in a corner of the room above the rocking chair, etc. I think I might attempt the bottom one b/c I really like the fabric I'm getting for Baby Girl's room, and I have been trying to figure out a unique way to incorporate it. I was going to frame the fabric, but I have found some cute paper and way too many prints that I want. I need to make sure the room doesn't look like a collage barfed all over it.

What do you think? Anything catch your eye?


  1. Love love love the nursery on the top! These are the pom poms you were telling me about...the fabric one looks super easy, and pretty!!!

  2. Heather, Right?! I think we could do it. I'll have to come down at some point and we can do it together... together we both can't mess it up... right? Well, maybe I still could. But two is better than one! haha. And did you see the link to that mobile I was telling you about? Do you think it might be doable for the circles to lay horizontal?

  3. Totally doable! I think if you used a sewing needle and threaded the string through the paper, they'd stay where you wanted them to!

  4. really? this is good news! do i use just regular string you think? or something special, like thicker, do they even have that?! ahahhaha! I'm clueless!


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