Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 23

Another week down... still a Papaya!

I was wondering why TheBump said the average weight of the baby was 12-20oz, I thought that was a little bit of a large span there; but I see that I will remain a Papaya this whole month, which makes a little more sense.

TheBump says that Baby Girl's face is fully formed and now she's working on sprouting little nipples!

Some Things I've Noticed This Week:
     Baby Girl has been super active this week! I can't wait until The Husband is able to feel her moving around! Although, from what some people say, maybe I can wait! I hear that baby begins moving so much and it can become difficult to sleep at night. I've been sleeping so lovely this past week since I've had my Boppy, it's unreal!
     Speaking of sleeping, my wonderfully generous friend, H, has so kindly given us her KING size bed... I'm in heaven right now! I could hardly contain my excitement today as my other great friends brought it and set it up for us this afternoon. I can't wait to sleep tonight! We don't even have sheets yet (I purchased some last night in anticipation), but with a King size bed, I could go without sheets forever, I don't care! It's a king size bed folks! The Husband and I won't even know the other exists while we're snoozin' away! No more bumping into each other and trying to skooch over throughout the night; no more breathing on each other when we face the same way; no more sleeping like as if strapped into a straight jacket, I can sprawl out all I want! Can you tell I'm excited!?

Baby Bennett's Current Living Quarters:
     Gah, my nails have been going on strike against me, and I've about had it! All my nails have broken off now, and they were doing so good a few months ago! They are so thin and weak, I'm sick of it! I don't know if it's from the pregnancy, or b/c I painted my nails last month, and took the polish off with straight acetone. I have a feeling that might have something to do with it simply b/c before that my nails were doing so good. But I just can't stand the other nail polish remover, it takes way too long to remove the polish! So, I guess it's my fault, but I'd rather blame it on pregnancy, it makes me feel a little better!
     My belly has definitely gotten a little rounder! More people are commenting that I'm really starting to look pregnant now. My friend S just loves to stare at my belly, little baby girl feels so loved by her Aunty!
     This week I also broke all rules and has sushi... again! I know! However, this time, without even thinking of it, I went totally legal! Both roles I ordered were fully cooked, baked scallop roll and a baked salmon roll. It was so divine, and what more, it was totally not breaking any rules! I felt so good! Starting baby girl off right, and broadening her horizons before she can even consume it herself!

     I purchased my first few prints for the nursery this evening! I'm really excited. The Husband didn't like any of the prints I picked out, and when I asked him to come approve them, he said "You don't want me to do that, I probably won't like them." Pshhhh, I thought, of course he'll like at least one.... nope, he didn't, he was right, he didn't like any of them. boo. O well. So we ordered a few of the prints he really liked, which I liked as well, and I'll just use the other prints I liked elsewhere in the nursery. The ones we purchased tonight will be a part of the collage I'm creating. I'm really excited to start putting it together. Without further ado,

     I'm so sorry I don't have a picture this week. Saturday was uber busy, and I completely forgot to take one Sunday morning when I got all done up for church. Today was just never gunna happen. I'll take one this week and post it with my weekly post, in which I will also post the highly anticipated ultrasound pictures of baby girl! 


  1. Love it, nice update can not wait to see you and the bump this weekend!!!!
    Aunt T

  2. T, can't wait! I'm super excited too! Is it okay if we go out for a late dinner when we get there? like CPK or something?


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