Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 21

Week 20

Week 21

Today I am 21 Weeks along!
My belly is actually starting to look really pregnant!
It's getting there slowly, but I can definitely tell a difference from even last week!
I'm still at that stage where I randomly rub my belly in public, just to confirm I'm pregnant to those who might be confused. However, I might just look like a really weird sorta chubby girl that rubs her belly in public. 
Baby is 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces!
Amazing how quickly this baby is growing now!
Crazy to think how much farther I still have to go... gotta make it to a Watermelon!

I found my cantaloupe picture from this other blog, about this dad that posts about his wife's pregnancy. He took the most aDORable picture of her at week 20, enjoy! 

Some things I have noticed this week:
     Not that I have been having any intense "MUST HAVE THAT ___ NOW OR I WILL HURT SOMEONE" cravings, but I have been giving in to things I see that I want that I normally say no to.
For example, chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Just small amounts, but small amounts most days will do that to ya. 
     I've also noticed a big difference in my range of motion. Well, I still have the same range of motion, but things are starting to get a bit more difficult, and I'm getting winded doing them, ie: bending down to pick something up, etc. And of course, my students are messy creatures that leave their books and papers everywhere, or throw their pencils on the ground, and b/c I'm so sweet, I pick it up. That will be changing quickly, and by quickly, I mean today. I don't think I'm that big yet, but apparently Baby Girl Bennett doesn't want me bending over like that anymore... I know my body doesn't like it. 
     My skin has gotten itchy again, it went away for a couple months, but it's back again! It's awful. And because my nails are getting a little brittle (I painted them last week, and removed the polish with straight acetone, which works like a charm, but seriously damages my nails), they're bending like crazy every time I scratch an itch. GR!

     Because of my.... giving in to tasty goods phase.... I MIGHT have gained a couple pounds this week... like 5. YES! I know! It's awful! 5 pounds in 1 week is too much... hold on real quick... I gotta get some chocolate... Alright, I settled on some Samoas Girl Scout Cookie ice cream. It's Limited Edition people! And it's melting in my mouth! Leave your judgmental looks for others! 

Baby Bennett's Current Living Quarters
     I seem to have not gotten too emotional so far, not any different than normal. However, I do seem to have a little crying breakdown every 2 weeks or so. I have a little cry for myself about how everything is awful. It seems to come on Satudays, when I have plans and I'd rather be doing nothing. I've been long-term subbing the past month, so Saturday's is kinda my only day of relaxing (every evening has been really busy), and when I've got 50 things to do, I just break down. It could be something I really actually want to do, but I still have a cry. I feel better after, and that's that. Today, I cried b/c I just wanted to read all day and stay in my PJs, but instead I needed to work on some church stuff. I cried b/c I don't have photoshop, so my husband has kindly downloaded another program for me, but I have been unable to figure out how to work all the gadgets, and I it all culminated at this same moment today. I cried b/c I heard from a sweet friend that emailed me and offered to do a nice thing for us. We barely started to become friends last year before we moved, but we just felt this great connection that we haven't wanted to lose, and we both feel like crap b/c we haven't had a chance to see each other since we moved. I cried b/c I'm congested in the mornings, and it upsets me! As you can see, most of these things are ridiculous, but thankfully I decide to cry about them all at one time instead of a specified time for each one; I think I'd be sick of myself I did!

On a lighter note, I've started cooking more this week, which has been good. Trying to get the vegetables in! The Husband has been craving some stir-fry, so I made two different variations this week alone. We also had some pastor friends over last night for a wonderful time! I tried a new recipe, gasp!, I know you're not supposed to do that, but I defied the rules and did it. I made some individual meat loafs stuffed with mozzarella cheese and wrapped in bacon. It was quite tasty! I'll be updating my food blog here soon hopefully!


Week 21


  1. Loving the baby bump!

    I gained 11 pounds between week 16 and 24 after gaining none before then--it's okay :)

  2. Thanks, I felt a little guilty. Obviously not enough to keep me from indulgence, but enough to notice. ahahaha. ps. I found that cute site you used, and I'm using it to give my blog oomph! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog. I told my wife what you said :)

  4. Megs Your so cute. I enjoy reading about your little adventure. Keep it comin! :)

  5. Your welcome, I really enjoyed looking/reading your blog!

  6. Faith, I'm glad you're enjoying! I wanted to make sure that people far away would still be able to stay in the loop and know what's going on as it happens. I miss you like crazy! Hope all is well!


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