Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creative Snacks for Kids

     I came across this really cute website, Little Nummies, the other day about children's snacks. A mother of three girls began to get creative while making lunches for her kids. She started having fun and playing with their food to make fun creative meals of art that make food not only taste good, but fun to eat! I can only imagine what the other kids at school are going home and saying to their mommies about their friends' lunches!
    Since I'm going to need to start having snacks around for my little girl within the next few years, I thought it would be fun to find some other fun kids snacks and see what other ideas people are coming up with.
     I found this other gal's blog upon my search, The Hokey Pokey Kitchen, in which she makes snacks that coordinate with whatever book she is reading with her children. She has her four little kids brainstorm different snacks that would go with the book they are currently reading, and then they all make the snack together, encouraging them to read, cook healthy foods, and use their imagination all at the same time. I absolutely fell in love with this concept and her blog!

1. Pot o' Gold Snack Mix by Pillsbury. These are a mix of pretzels, chex mix, peanuts, and Lucky Charms!
2. Butterfly Snack and Craft by Family FunBaked Bree has pictures of her kids making it, which is oh so adorable, and makes it even more fun!
3. Chewy Granola Balls by Weelicious. Her website is all about food for the family and kids.
4. Children's Hands Cookies by Martha Stewart. This also gets the kids involved by having them trace their own hands before baking the cookie.
5. Leprechaun O'Riley by Little Nummies. This is the gal that plays with her food! I love it!
6. Retro Easter Eggs by Martha Stewart. Easter eggs are of course the most popular way to get kids involved  and having fun with their food!
7. Mango Coconut Parfaits by Martha Stewart. I love this one b/c it's simple, colorful, healthy, and parfaits are just beautiful to look at!
8. Yogurt swirled with Peanut Butter, Honey, and Graham Crackers by The Kitchn. And you can omit the PnB for small children... but for adults... this looks delectable as is!
9. Bugs on a Log by Weelicious. We've all had Ants on a Log before, but what I like about this is... I've never thought of using anything but raisins before. I like that she incorporates nuts and cranberries as well.
10. Lovebug by Little Nummies. Another one of these really cute ideas for playing with your food!
11. Peanut Butter and Fruit Sushi by The Kitchn. They used slices of fresh mango with coconut on whole wheat bread for one, and slices of fresh apple with raisins for the other roll. How creative!
12. The Grouchy Ladybug Kiwi and Strawberry Snack by The Hokey Pokey Kitchen.
13. Corduroy Whole Wheat Fig Bars by The Hokey Pokey Kitchen.

Do you have any fun ideas for snacks that you made with your children?

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