Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week 33

Baby is now the size of a Honeydew!
The Bump says that baby Abby's bones are growing stronger, and she will be able to keep her eyes open when awake. Abby's brain is developing rapidly and she could grow up to an inch this week alone!

7 more weeks to go now!
My cousin J says that these last two months go by really slowly... which for me, at this point, is good to hear.
The weeks have been rushing by and I've barely been able to take a breath it seems.
Hearing that things begin to seem very long at this point is welcome news!
Especially since I have SO many things to get done still.

  • Due to certain circumstances, I've had to put off finishing up the strips in Abby's room. Therefore, who knows when I'll be able to get that finished. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done at least a week or more before Abby gets here so the smell is not still lingering when she does arrive home.
  • I need to finish up the mobile that will go above her crib. I was able to get my fishing line finally, so I now have all the materials, and I just need to assemble it! Hopefully that will get done this week!
  • The crib needs to be touched up. There are a few minor scratches on it, nothing big. My plan is to spray paint right over those few spots, and it should be good as new! That also needs to happen asap, which shouldn't be a big deal, b/c it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes to do.
  • The dresser could not be giving me more problems at this point. I went to the store during Easter break to get all the materials and whip the dresser out! However, the lady at the store suggested I do a test run first before doing the whole dresser. This put me back a day, whatever. The trial run seemed to work so the next day I set out to sand the whole dresser and prime it. Which would have been great, except that I realized that there are huge holes in the drawers due to the old pullies that I took out; duh Meghan! I'll need to get some kind of wood putty to fill those in and then re-sand the drawers and prime them. Also I found that the bottom piece of wood of one of the drawers is so thin that it is not staying nailed together, and you can tell that previous owners found this problem, and tried to fix it by just sticking more nails into it. However, b/c the piece of wood is SO thin, it's not holding the nails, and therefore, the wood is falling off, leaving exposed nails all over the drawer! I just don't see this being a good idea in a child's room. G is in charge of taking all the old nails out and replacing the bottom slab of wood. At which point, I can then finish the dresser in it's entirety. Until then, I'm going to just finish up the frame of the dresser so there will be something for the changing pad to sit on. 

     On Saturday, my MIL, Sisters-in-law, and GMIL all went down to cousin J's family shower to shower her with love and gifts, and greet baby A! We had such a wonderful time. J gave me and sister S all sorts of wonderful advice and tips for when our children come. It was great. J's mother planned such a wonderful afternoon full of games, food, and plenty of time for talking and laughter. Also, I held baby A for a little while, and totally did NOT freak out! I really enjoyed my time with them.

Cousin J's shower!

Things I've noticed this week:
     The heartburn is more and more throughout the day. It's every night still, without fail. The second I lay down, the heartburn comes. But I've noticed that a very mild case of it likes to rear it's ugly head throughout the day as well. I've been pounding the water, and the swelling seems to be slightly better. The feet are still swollen, but it's not a ghastly sight anymore... well, it is, but just not as ghastly. I am having lovely side effects from the extra zinc the nurse is having me take. My back began aching this week. That can go away! My skin is still as dry as ever. And the peeling that is starting to occur this week from baby Hez' birthday party several weeks ago, mixed with the Hooligan race the same day, it not exactly helping the dry skin.

     I had another nurse appt. this Friday. I gained another 2 pounds, which puts me at a total of 13. My nurse is very please with this, even though she told me she wanted me to gain anywhere from 11-15, and at this rate I will exceed the 15. But still, I won't be gaining much more than that at least, which is why she's still pleased I guess. Abby's heart rate was 148ish, which is normal (120-160 is good). My nurse has been very pleased with my pregnancy so far. Next time I see her she will do the next ultrasound to determine Abby's position. She said that usually around week 36 is when they begin dropping and stop flip flopping. Can't wait to see where Abby is; hopefully all will be well.



  1. Yay! She and Andrew will be good friends! I am so excited.

  2. Yes they will! Hopefully we'll all be able to see each other on a regular basis once all the chillen's come! That would be so cool!


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