Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 31

Week 31, wow!
The Bump says that my baby girl is going through brain and nerve development now, that her irises are beginning to react to light now, and that her five senses are in working order!

     I'm starting to get slightly freaked out now.
     The time has come where it's really getting closer now, and the reality is starting to sink in... we are taking a child home after this. At my doctor's appt on Thursday, the nurse said that my appt.s will all be 2 weeks apart now, instead of a month, then they'll be one week apart, and then, I'll be a mommy.... this freaked me out... my eyes got really big and I smiled really big, trying to overcompensate for the freak-out party my insides were having!
     This sting of reality is probably also due to the fact that G's cousin, J, just had her baby last Saturday. I've been looking at all of her precious pictures of baby A, he's so adorable! But he's so tiny, usually I don't end up seeing babies until they're several weeks old, and they've gained some weight and length. But I'm seeing him right after birth, and how teensy he is, wow! Seeing pictures and updates of them after returning home and settling back into normal life is really starting to trigger the reality in my mind of just how much our lives are about to change.

     This Thursday was my doctor's appt. It went well. The nurse told me that my stomach was measuring right on target, she found Abby's heartbeat right away and it sounded great, she said that Abby was one active girl based on the kick counts I've been tracking (always either 10 or 20 minutes). I gained 4 pounds this month, which puts my total at 11 pounds. The nurse seems to be okay with this (I know it's not much compared to others, but she said she wanted my total weight gain to be from 11-15 pounds). I have 4 more alloted pounds to gain within the next 9 weeks. Ha! I better stop giving in to the yummy food around me... like the delicious McNally burger and fries I had for lunch today at their burger shack! O dear was it good! Anyways, based on my 3rd trimester tests, I do NOT have gestational diabetes, but I am a little anemic, so she is having me take iron pills every day now.

     My shower is this weekend: I am so excited! Some fun things I ordered for it came in this week, and I can't wait to use them at the shower.... for those of you coming, here's a sneak peak!

Sweet Lulu
     The first picture is what I saw upon opening the box... not just plain peanuts for these folks, no way! Cutesy little crimped paper... adorable! I got some fun striped straws, fun goody bags for the dessert/candy table, and of course some cute cupcake papers for the delicious cupcakes to come! Can't wait!

This week:
     Well, things are starting to get a bit more uncomfortable now. Getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night is just down right frustrating! My body is not used to walking and bending after being straight and resting for so long. If I sit for too long and get up, the area underneath my belly is SO not happy about it! I've been trying to chug the water like crazy, and I think that the swelling in my foot has gone down slightly, I think they're still a little swollen, but it's not as noticeable as before. I still get heartburn pretty regularly every night, and sometimes throughout the day. It's pretty mild though, so it's nothing that is really upsetting. One thing that has been pretty noticeable now: when I have to pee... I HAVE to pee! If I wait too long b/c I'm out and about, or in the middle of subbing a class, the walk to the bathroom is pretty painful. I'm huffing and puffing my way there! I'm sure it's an attractive sight!


Side note: Thank you husband for snapping the side shot while my mouth was in the midst of talking to you. It made for a very attractive picture!

ps. I'm wearing my $10 steal Jean Leggings from Old Navy that I got this week! Score! I refuse to call them Jeggings though... I'll stick with Jean Leggings, it makes me feel better about myself!


  1. I'm so excited for your shower!!! And those jean leggins are way cute on you, super flattering! Such a pretty mama!

  2. The party was so much fun on Saturday! I hope you got what you needed to welcome my little niece into the world in style.

  3. I got so much stuff! It's crazy! I laid it all out on the bed when I got home so I could show Grant and just try to see what we got. wow! Now we just have to find a place for everything! ahahah!
    The shower was wonderful, thank you for being a part of it Carolyn!


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