Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painting Abigail's Room

     This week has been great!
     A lot has been accomplished, thanks to our wonderful family!
     Last week was our last birthing class; I'm kinda bummed, but it also meant that our Saturday's will be freed up to get some things done around the house that need to be done in preparation for Abigail's arrival.
     For example, G's parents and sister, C, came up Friday night and we all went to sister S's play at the high school, The Bride of Brackenloch, which was wonderful, the students did such a great job! And then, early Saturday morning, they all came over for breakfast, and the girls helped me paint Abigail's room while the guys had a nice morning out on the town together.

     We were able to get three walls painted and the fourth wall mostly taped off and ready to paint stripes.
There were just a few dark spots on the wall that needed to be touched up with some white before we taped it and painted over it. And the fourth wall slants up, so there was no way we could reach the very top in order to tape the last stripe. Hopefully this week G will be able to help me reach the top and finish taping that off, and then I can get to painting the strips, and then the room will be fully painted!

     I am so happy with the gray that I ended up picking out! I was really nervous about the shade. I spent an hour in Ace hardware store on Thursday going through the stacks of papers looking for the perfect gray. How on earth is one supposed to tell what an entire room will look like from one tiny little 1x1 square on paper that is surrounded by other shades?! geez! Thankfully I just went with my gut, and picked out one, and it looks fabulous! It looks good with the lights on and off, which was a concern as well.

These were the shades it came down to. San Antonio Gray won!

Before: View from door

Before: View from closet

Here is Mama C and sister C getting started!
C taking care of cutting in around the door.
(We forgot to take off the vent, so we ended up getting a little paint on it, thankfully sister S came to the rescue and took it off and cleaned it for us!)

Sister S working the roller, while sister C cuts in from the floor.
Mama C busting out that wall!

These are the stripes that are taped off and almost ready to go. The post-its are to denote what stripes will be white, so that we would know where to put the tape, and then it will make it easier to paint the opposite stripes gray.
 Mama C touching up the small wall by the closet.
And the wall with the door is shown completely done. You can see the spot behind the door that needed to have a little touch up of white before we taped it off. That will be my job this week. Finish taping that wall off.

     Things went really well, and we took everyone out for the best pizza ever at Pizza Barn in Kernville afterwards to celebrate and say thank you! I am so grateful to them for helping! And yes, even though I'm not in the pictures, I promise I didn't make them do all the work, I helped out. I just needed to take pictures along the way for my mom who was at her Women's Retreat and was unable to make it up to help paint.

     Thank you family for all your help, I am truly indebted to you!


  1. IT was a lot of fun! Thanks for letting me help prepare for my new little niece!

  2. of course! Thank YOU! It was great to see you and spend time with yoU!

  3. We had such a good time. If you and Grant ever need me to babysit this summer...I am available!

  4. I'm glad you had fun! And uh... of course! Auntie Sandy is going to get to baby-sit anytime she wants! Summer is the perfect time for you to be able to do it without stressing while teaching.


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