Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 29

     We are at week 29, and baby girl is now the size of a Squash!

     According to The Bump she is approximately 15.2 - 16.7 inches, and 2.5 - 3.8 pounds. 

     WOW! The Bump also says that baby girl is beginning to get a burst of energy around this time, and because things are starting to get squished as she grows, I will begin to feel her kick and jab much more often! My good friend, S, came up this weekend to help me clean out baby girl's room so we can begin prepping for painting day next Saturday, and S was able to feel her kick many times (She was very excited and screamed.... just a few times, it was great!) I really do love that other people are able to feel her now, and that I can share my baby girl with others. It's the neatest thing to feel her kick and squirm around! 

     This week I got to go to Ikea with some friends to get some things for baby girl's room. Ikea is the place to go for good deals, my goodness! We checked out a new-to-me Ikea this time in Covina, it was spectacular! It carries more options for the items you want than the one in Burbank, and it was virtually empty, definitely worth the extra 30 minute drive! I was able to score some great finds for baby girl's room:

1. Black Side Table; 2. Blue Polka Dot Tray; 3. White Frames (for collage); 4. Red Clock with storage room inside (I didn't actually get this clock, but I daydream about how great it would look on the refinished dresser now!); 5. Ofelia Blanket shown in white (I got gray to match the room and throw over the rocking chair); 6. Yellow Floor Lamp; 7. Owl Print 

Things I've Noticed This Week:
     The heart burn is awful, and it rears it's ugly head usually when I lay down to go to bed at night, but sometimes it will hit me during the day, which is super frustrating! 
     My feet started swelling this week; my Bradley instructor said that it could be a combination of the sudden heat, activity, and not drinking enough water. My feet were really swelling after walking around all day at Ikea and I also did not have any water that day at all, shame shame on me. Today my feet are beginning to look more normal, which I like, so I am guzzling the water at this very moment; which tastes wonderful with this sudden hot weather we have! 
     Baby Girl is definitely starting to kick more and more. I began my kick counts last week, exciting, and last night when I got into bed, she was kicking to a beat every second or two for several minutes, it was a little freaky and cute! 



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