Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 32

32 weeks!
8 months!

     This week was crazy hectic!
     My baby shower was on Saturday, and the week leading up to it was Spring Break, so I had plenty of time to get everything done... but does that ever happen?! no, of course not. Not living in Bakersfield when all you need to do is go to all the stores in Bako definitely has it's disadvantages. But thankfully, I was able to get everything done with the help of my lovely family and friends and it turned out great.

     We had a wonderful time at the shower, and I hope all those that came had a great time as well. So many people that I love were able to come! It was great to see people that I haven't seen in quite some time: friends from old jobs, from previous churches, from high school! I loved it! I wish I was able to spend more time with everyone individually, but I tried to make the rounds and visit everyone as much as possible! It was quite overwhelming to see so many people come out that love me, it was just heart warming. Thank you very much to all those that came to the shower, and to those that tried to come, but regrettably had emergencies to attend to.

     Sunday morning was quite hectic too: G preached the sunrise service out on the lake at 6:30, so we were up ridiculously early. Then we went home to change and finish getting ready, and we ran out for a quite bite to eat at the Cracked Egg, it was such a nice quiet time to sit down and chat together amidst a busy day! Then we ran to church and began preparing for the day. I had praise team practice at 9:15, choir practice at 9:45 and then church started at 10:45. So for that short 30 minute time span in between choir and church starting, I was running around with my head cut off trying to make last minute changes to the worship program, go to the bathroom, get the room set up for the potluck after church.
     The choir did amazing! I was so proud of them! Everyone was commenting about how wonderful they did! The singing portion of the worship service was also great, we tried to keep it really upbeat the whole time and have some fun, and it seemed like people were really getting into it and having a great time, we sang: Christ Arose, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, and The Old Rugged Cross. We showed some hilarious video about the story of Easter as told by two little sisters, and everyone was dying of laughter, and isn't that the way church should be? Filled with joy and laughter! Then G preached a wonderful message, and we had 10 decisions for the Lord! What could be better!?

     After church, we rushed over to the fellowship hall for the potluck; which was a success! It was my first time in charge of one of the potlucks, and I made a few changes, so we were unsure how it would turn out, but everyone's feedback has been really positive. And during the potluck, the sweet sweet ladies of the church surprised me with an impromptu baby shower! They, including G, were able to keep a secret from me for several weeks as they all pitched in to buy us the stroller that we wanted. How wonderful! It was SUPER overwhelming, I didn't know quite what to say, I think I turned beat red, and just sat there with an open mouth in shock! For someone that loves attention, I sure don't know how to handle it, and get quite nervous when that many people are giving me attention. I feel very awkward in those moments. Several ladies also gave me little dresses and bibs, and a few even made handmade quilts for Abby. It was just so wonderful, surprising, and thoughtful!

Things I've Noticed this Week:
     Well, so much for the swelling going away. It seems here to stay. My fat feet are having the worst time fitting into any shoe, I have to wear flip flops. Darn feet! My belly was quite itchy all week, that was loads of fun! It's getting more difficult to get out of bed, rolling over and trying to prop myself up it so frustrating. And then getting back into bed after racing to the bathroom is just as frustrating. I get so uncomfortable. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe my body is just achy, it might also be a little heartburn returning as I lie flat again. Whatever it is, I hate it. It's not welcome; please go away! Sleep is supposed to be a wonderful time, not an irritant. Speaking of sleep, I am still able to sleep well, which from what I hear from others, is quite unusual. I don't know exactly at what point sleep begins to be nonexistent for pregnant women, but I'm sure it's right around this time, if not soon. And thankfully, it hasn't hit me yet.



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