Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starchless Dinners

G randomly decided early last week that he was going to go on a Live-it (NOT a diet)!
This is how it started:

     G called home asking if he should bring home dinner and said he was getting meat and veggies, and I responded with "I have some rice I could cook up with that" and he responded "I don't need any," and I proceeded to get a little worried.... you see, G is ALL about the meat and starch. I'd say he's a meat and potatoes kinda guy, but he actually doesn't care that much for baked potatoes... weird right? pretty much only mashed, although I do this really awesome roasty thing to fingerling potatoes that he digs.
     Anywho, point is, whenever we go to the store together, and I stop by the produce section saying I need fruit and veggies, he gets this cramped up look on his face and proceeds to tell me how pointless they are and why I shouldn't get them. So you can imagine my shock when he tells me that he's getting veggies for dinner, and DOESN'T need rice. I was slightly confused.
     When he got home, he explained he's changing it up and he's doing this new thing again. I'm so proud of him, it can be really hard to try to eat healthy when the other person in the house doesn't care to. But, this morning, when I suggested an apple with his lunch, he said, "ok." I love it! He, we both, want to create healthy lifestyles for when Abby comes, and the other future little runts that will be running around here. We want to promote an active lifestyle as well... which, we're still working on this step! ahahah! One step at a time guys!
     Therefore, I've been trying to come up with starchless dinners to make for us. (Let me just say, btw, that I am totally supporting my husband, however, I was very successful at losing weight when I included starches in my diet, so I'm not going to be following this plan. But I figure that I can support G by eating the same dinner with him, so for dinners, I'm going starchless as much as possible!) Anywho, others have been asking what I'm making for dinners for us. I'm trying to be creative and think of new things that I've never made before, and also figure out how to redo meals that we have always liked. So, if anyone has any starchless meal suggestions, pass 'em my way please!

Menu for last week:

Tuesday: Sauteed Sausage with bell peppers and onions

Wednesday: Broiled Hamburger patty (pre-made at our awesome butcher shop) with peas and corn

Thursday: Pork Tenderloin with sauteed squash

Friday: Sauteed Sausage with bell peppers and onions, topped with low-sugar spaghetti sauce

Saturday: Poor-man's Recreation of CPKs Thai Chicken Salad- Cabbage, chicken, carrots, jicama, avocado, scallions, and Light Asian Sesame dressing

Sunday: Baked Tuna stuffed Tomatoes with a slice of Provolone on top

Monday: Spaghetti sauce with ground beef and mushrooms

Tuesday: Spaghetti sauce leftovers

If you have any questions about any of these, just respond and I'll get you the recipe.
If you have any ideas and suggestions for new recipes as I try to make my new menu's, please respond as well! I can use all the help I can get.


  1. love the menue.... i am thinking seriously of going STARCHLESS too ... I love my pasteries and sweets and etc etc... great idea with the blog .... i will start blogging to

  2. Thanks! It lasted a good while until the summer craziness hit and we had visitors and took them out for pizza. Not too starchless! hahah. Good luck to you.


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