Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Caved...

I did it.
I swore I never would.
I broke my own promise to myself and the world.

I bought a pair of Crocs.
Yes, I know.
I'm ashamed.

Once upon a time:

My husband shamed me the day he came home and opened his box of crocs in front of me.
We were just married, and at that time, had the freedom and money to go to Disneyland every month with our annual passes. We just got back from our honeymoon, also at Disneyland, where we had spent our time making fun of "those" people that wore crocs. And then, one doomed day, my husband ordered a pair of his own, simply for the sole purpose of bothering me. He prized my embarrassment over his own hatred of the croc to complete this shenanigan! He really knows how to go the limit for a joke. 

Except that he started liking them... he actually bought into the trivial idea that comfort was more important than how these awful things looked. Gah! The shame!

     {Here is G flaunting his new crocs at me while I'm so kindly cooking his dinner, I should have thrown his food at him}

Evil G enjoying taunting me 
     {And here is my friend S encouraging G to my shock and disdain. She was unable to keep a straight face, however!}

Me? I've dealt with his love of the croc for the past few years now. 
I just sigh and roll my eyes whenever a new croc box arrives at our front door step (He is now the proud owner of approximately 20 pair).
I try to ignore the existence of them in my household, and that my own shoes have to share a closet with those beasts.

And yet, here I am, I have broken all my own rules... I now am the owner of a new pair of crocs. 
How could I have betrayed myself you ask?

Because, they finally made some that weren't awful looking.
They finally made some for normal people who aren't cooking like Mario Batali, or saving lives in hospitals. 

Everyone looks so nice, so lovely, and then there's Mario, with his bright orange crocs to ruin the picture!

Getting back on track:
They finally made some crocs for us normals out here that don't want to poke funky little trinkets into our shoes, or wear plastic shoes that make our feet look 5 times larger than they already are, or who shamefully care about our fashion and what we look like (I admit it, I do, and I should be ashamed, but I'm not). 

They finally made some crocs that look somewhat normal.

Sorry for the blurry photo

We'll see how it goes.
G said it takes a few days to wear the shoes in.
I only wore them one day before I was having some issues with the back of the shoe on my heel.
And I had some major sweating issues.
What is nice, is that I can just wash them right up when/if I get them scuffed or if my feet sweat a lot one day.
I'll be back for updates once I've had some time to wear them around for a while.

Update: I will shamefully say that I enjoy my crocs! I tend to sweat a lot in them, which stinks, but they're also pretty comfortable! And being able to wash them off is spectacular! 


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