Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 40

Here we are!
40 weeks, full term!

     Pretty crazy!
     Abigail's dad is so very anxious for her arrival!
     He was hoping it would be on her due date, Saturday, but no luck.

     Everyone else is hoping it will be on their birthday.... we'll see who wins out!

     G and I have all these plans for this coming week, which is part of the reason he's anxious for her arrival, so that we can still do all the things we want to do this weekend. Which pretty much boils down to a few weddings he's doing on Saturday (yes, a few, not just one), and the rehearsals on Friday. We are really excited about these weddings, and we really don't want to miss them. We've been praying that God brings Abby at the right time so that we can still be a part of all the other things we want to do! G has also been talking to Abby a lot lately coaxing her to come quickly! We really want to have our cake and eat it too... it's so much fun that way! So, we're hoping that she comes sometime this week, but not Friday or Saturday, but then she's free to come again on Sunday. Oh the big dreams we have!
     I guess it would be nice if she waited until I finished getting the hospital bag ready. I did a bit more this weekend with it, but it's still not complete. I don't think I'll ever feel like it's complete... I'll probably always feel like I'm missing something. But I know that I still need to get a change of clothes for G, and an outfit or two for Abby. And for the most part it will be done at that point.

     I did have a really fun time going out with the girls this week! My mom, MIL and SsIL and Sister's sister-in-law, all went out to dinner at Mama Roomba's (yum!), then back to mom's house for a little Zumba, of which I refused to participate, and then off for some ice cream! YUM!

My view of them Zumba-ing their hearts out while I elevate my gigantic feet!

Nursery Update:
     While I didn't get too much done this week regarding Abby's room (everyone's been asking); I was able to get my butt out there and start working on the dresser drawers. I used the wood putty to start filling in the giant holes. But, b/c the holes are so dang big, it's going to take a few times to get them completely filled. I am hoping that I am able to get out there today sometime to attack them again. Once the holes are completely filled, I'll be able to spray paint the primer on them, and then paint them. Then, I'll just need to drill holes for the new super cute pullies I bought for it. And then shove them into the dresser! The bottom drawer will probably take some extra time though. It's pretty much completely in shambles. We're planning on taking it apart and attaching the front of the drawer to the dresser using some hinges. Hope that works. Otherwise, we'll have to rebuild the drawer, what a pain.
     I also completed another hoop of her mobile! I'm really excited about that. Now all I have to do is figure out the best way to attach the two hoops to each other, then add extra string to hang it. Then hang it! I'm really excited with how it turned out. Although, part of me is thinking about cutting out a few more circles and adding those in. The circles are spaced out a little farther apart that I'd like... but it might be too much if I add more... I'm not sure what I want to do.

What the Doctor had to say:
     My nurse was out this week as well as my assigned doctor, whom I've seen one time; so I saw a new doctor. This puts me at meeting a total of 4 of the 10 doctors. I really liked this new doctor. He seemed to be patient and not at all worried about my progress, which is pretty slim. He said that for most first-timers, they usually don't begin to dilate until they actually go into labor. He did ask if I would like him to strip my membranes and I said very quickly "no thank you!" and he said, "ah, you've heard of that before have you?" I said, "Yes I have, and I would NOT like to do that. I'd prefer to just let her come when she comes." He seemed perfectly fine with this. He said there's no reason to rush anything.
     I gained 2 more pounds, putting me at 19 I think. He said I was measuring at 37, which is slightly more than what the nurse measured me at last time, but I'm pretty sure he was measuring a different spot, so it's just the difference between two people measuring you, no worries. He said her heartbeat sounded great. My urine and blood pressure are still looking good. He noticed my feet were VERY swollen, but he didn't seem worried at all. He said if it were coupled with other things such as high blood pressure, etc, then it would be something to worry about, but on it's own, it's not a problem. He said it's not really a hydration issue, but that I should just make sure to keep my feet up while at home (as I type this, I am feeling guilty that I am currently NOT putting my feet up). I told him I was not worried about the swelling, but that everyone else in my life seemed to be worried about it. He said, "well, they're wrong, you're right." ahahahh!
     He also examined me, worst part, but he was much more gentle than the nurse usually is, so I was able to relax this time and he was actually able to find my cervix! Happy day! He said my cervix is still posterior (he drew me a picture so I would understand, b/c when the nurse was explaining to me that she could feel the head, but couldn't find the cervix, I was seriously confused, considering the cervix is around the baby's head), and that I am dilated maybe a half cm. He did say that the due date is just a guess and could be off by a week or two, and that the effacement and dilation won't really tell us when the baby will come, so nothing to worry about. I continued to assure him that I am not worried about anything, she'll come when she comes. At the end of the appt. he said that he was very pleased with my whole attitude and positivity regarding everything. He also said I will be a very good mom! How cute!
     All in all, a great appt with the new doctor; I really liked him!


  • I'm noticing that I'm getting skin tags on my body. Thankfully I read a few months ago that this is normal for pregnant women, so I'm not really concerned at all. I just think it's really weird.
  • Feet are still really swollen. I figure it's just part of the last few weeks of pregnancy, and besides putting my feet up, there's not much to worry about. 
  • Mild heartburn. Nothing too bad. I was even able to sleep for a bit last night before taking a Pepcid. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to take one. But many weeks ago I tried doing that, and it kept me up all night until I took one. Progress.
  • Many people are telling me that I look like I've dropped even more. I guess she's getting ready by dropping... but nothing else.
  • Still no other pre-labor symptoms.... no braxton hicks, not many cramps this week, not much else.
  • Ultimately, I'm feeling pretty good! I've been sleeping through the night still! Getting up once to pee. I have sufficient energy to last through the day. I've been getting some household things done like laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc. Just trying to make sure that no matter when she comes, things won't be disasterous when we bring her home. 


  1. Was your doctor by any chance my fave obgyn Dr. Moran? Gilbert is a very skilled, gentle man. And he always makes me laugh...which is why we love each other so much.

  2. Wow. Thank you for posting a picture of my bottom on your blog. I am always looking for chances to display my hot bottom to the world.

  3. Sara... you kill me, no I've not met this gentle man.

    C- You are welcome sister! Anything I can do for you!

  4. Who was the doctor?? where do you go?


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