Thursday, June 2, 2011

What the What?! Flipper Heels

This is just absolutely ridiculous... flipper heels?!
Girls have a hard enough time walking around in regular heels, let alone flippy ones!

And Jessica Simpson... WHAT were you thinking?
Something has seriously gotten to this girl to make her think that people would seriously buy these.

Here's her tweet:

 Jessica Simpson 

Scuba gear coming soon for @ heels for every occasion ;) 

And here is the picture of the heels that she links to in her tweet:

And who one earth would want to walk around and be taken seriously wearing a pair of these? 
Cause, I can tell you now, no one would be taken seriously in these bad boys. 
What event would you wear this to?
I don't get it! 

Come to find out that she's not the one who actually thought up these hideous creatures.
Some chick in Australia designed them, and then last year, some famous designer used them in his runway show, and one of his models tripped a bit while walking down the runway; which shows me that if a girl who's entire job is to walk for a living, and even SHE can't help but trip a little, then what normal girl is going to be successful in these?

Oh dear, please make the madness stop!

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