Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 39

It's here: week 39, one more week to go before I'm considered full-term!

     Things have pretty much been the same for the last several weeks, months, pretty much the whole entire pregnancy has been smooth sailing, so most of these posts are ending up the same. But, that's okay; Abby can look back and see that she treated me well for 9 months, and I love her for it! G says that I just must be made to have babies! ahha! I guess so; and since we have 12 more to go after this, it's good to know that pregnancy is a breeze for me... at least this one has been!

     This week I have worked on a few more things for Abby. I would like to attribute it to Nesting, however, it really just had to do with the fact that we had people coming to stay this week, and I needed to clean the place up, and therefore things got done by default! I cleaned the whole house, not deep cleaned, but I was able to organize things, and find places for things that didn't have one. Just cleaned up clutter basically. And as I look around the house right now, now that our guests have all gone, the clutter is starting to build up already, yah! I touched up some of the stripes in Abby's room, which really excites me! It looks so much better; it's not perfect, but upon glancing it just looks so much cleaner. I vacuumed the whole house, threw bags and bags of garbage out, cleaned and swept floors, dusted a bit, did SO many dishes, got a section in our room cleared out and put the bassinet in it's place, and most fun: I finally began making her mobile, which I'm really excited about. I got half of it done, I just need to finish the other half, and I can put it up in the room. I will be posting a DIY with pictures of how I made it, coming soon!

What the Nurse had to say:
     Yesterday at my appt, I had another exam... which I was unaware would be occurring, therefore, I was none-so-pleased! I don't like them at all! They hurt something fierce! Anywho, my blood pressure and urine looked good. I didn't gain any weight, same as last week; so that's still a total weight gain of 17 pounds. My measurement went down from 37 to 35; meaning that Abby has dropped even more! Which explains the leg cramps I've been getting this week. Thankfully they're not really bad at all. However, upon the exam, she said that she still could not find the cervix (part of this having to do with the fact that I couldn't relax enough, and that maybe if I had been able to, she could have found it); so it's still firm and not dropped yet.
     She is going to be out of town next week, so my appt with be with a different doctor (which is fine with me: the more I get to meet the better since I have no clue which doctor will be on call when I go into delivery). Since next week I'll be considered full-term, my appt.s will continue to be with the doctors from that point on. Which means, that at the next week's appt, if I have still not progressed, they will schedule an induction for that Monday the 27th (41 weeks and 3 days). Although that's only 9 days past my due date, and my doctor originally told me they won't induce until day 11, which is Wednesday the 29th. I'm really really hoping that it won't come to that. Once they start the induction process (usually pitocin), it's pretty inevitable that you'll require an epidural, and then the whole snowball effect begins, of which I am desperately trying to avoid. Everything has gone so smoothly up until this point, I want it to continue that way! I'd really love to get the delivery experience I want; I know there's a chance I might not get it, I'm not delusional, but I'd rather have it ruined with an induction. I'd rather it be necessary to get intervention b/c something is really wrong, not just b/c the baby isn't coming out when they'd like it to.

     Again, this week has been pretty similar to all other weeks.

  • I have had a few leg cramps this week. I did have a menstrual cramp this week, which I thought odd. Then upon reading one of my books, it mentioned that getting menstrual cramps could be a sign of pre-labor, so who knows! I have had a few other signs as well, but who really knows if they can be attributed to pre-labor, or some other things. I don't know, so I'm not putting too much thought into it, just found it interesting. 
  • I'm still sleeping through the night just fine, getting up about once to go to the bathroom.
  • My back hasn't been hurting at all, though people have been shocked to hear this upon asking. 
  • The pain in my chest above my belly has sort of gone away this week, which has been lovely!
  • My feet have taken a turn for swollen this week... a bit more than normal... need to start guzzling the water again. Although, my wedding ring is still fitting! Points!
  • Not that this has anything to do with being pregnant, but I got a mosquito bite on my arm that I noticed yesterday, and it's driving me completely insane! I want to itch it like crazy!
  • I'm pretty much hot, constantly! It never happens that I am hotter than G, but this week I've needed the fan on, and he finds it to be too cold, which is completely outrageous, usually it's the other way around.
  • I still have to pee every half hour or so, which is why it flabbergasts me that I only get up once during the night to pee. 
  • I still feel pretty great, have a goodly portion of energy at times, and feel really tired at others, pretty much to be expected at this stage I guess. 

Here's a picture of my Uncle John and I: he came to visit this week! 


Sorry about the weird yellow-tint of the one picture, G held the camera at a different angle.


  1. Meghan! I can't believe you are so close to having a baby! You know, if you hold off until the 29th Abby & I will have the same birthday.

  2. Uncle John can't stop talking about his wonderful visit with you and Grant!!! Can't wait until I get the call!!
    Aunt Theresa

  3. Yes--pitocin was the devil! Hopefully you don't need it! I needed it after my water broke and 9 hours later I still was only having contractions an hour apart!

    Also, my very first contractions felt like period cramps. Count that as a contraction!

  4. I'm with Dawn on June 29th! It's my 11/12ths birthday!!

  5. Well, I'll have a chat with Abby and see what she thinks!

  6. T-we missed you! Wish you could have come as well, but we did have a wonderful time with Uncle John!

    Jennifer-Thanks for the heads up, I actually have been having some menstrual cramps already... like one a day... i read that that could be a sign of pre-labor... i hope it's my body getting ready!


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