Monday, June 13, 2011

Media Monday: Episode 4

What I'm listening to:

     Pregtastic and New Moms New Babies. These two podcasts are great! Several moms-to-be on Pregtastic, and new moms on New Moms New Babies, get together every week and discuss everything concerning pregnancy and babies. They also invite experts on to discuss in depth interesting topics. I have learned so much. Both of these podcasts (New Moms New Babies grew out of Pregtastic) are based in San Diego, so if you're in the area, you can ask to be part of the show! It's great to get an experts opinion, but also get other mom opinions on these topics as well, and what they're doing.
     I download their podcasts through Zune, but you can listen online on their website, or through iTunes, etc. They also have blog posts and forums on their websites as well. What I really like is that whenever they have expert guests on their shows, they also ask them for any suggestions for websites, books, or any other material that might be helpful for further information. I've been able to get such great resources from them! You should definitely check them out!

What I'm watching:
  • G and I have finished our Harry Potter marathon! We busted out the projector and screen for this marathon! Each night we watched another episode. He bought this really awesome collector's edition right? Well, of course it only includes episodes 1 through 5, and that's it. So now what do you do when the new ones come out? You'll have this really awesome set that goes together of the first 5, then the last 3 movies awkwardly sitting beside it sticking out like a sore thumb! Sad day. My mother passed down her anal preferences of wanting all sets, trilogies, etc, to be the same, so they will look pretty on the shelf together. 
  • Make it or Break it. I'm streaming it through Netflix Watch now. I'm loving this ridiculous high school drama show from ABC Family. It is really making me have a huge respect for gymnasts. How incredible are these young athletes that train ridiculous hours, and have no other life besides gymnastics (I do understand this is their choice of course), and work so hard at a sport that in one instant, one wrong move can completely change their lives forever by rendering them paralyzed, etc. I'm just in awe of their talent, strength, and dedication. Granted I know this is just a show, but it's depicting the life of a gymnast training to be an Olympian; it's just given me a respect for this sport that I didn't have before. 

What I'm reading:
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting. This book has been great to just have around, and any chance I get a few free moments, I pick it up and read a page or two. This last week I finally busted through month 7 and 8 to month 9 and now I'm in the labor and delivery section. It's probably a good thing that I've finally made it to this section considering I'm a week away from my due date. 

What I'm stumbling upon:
  • This made my heart smile! I really hope I can capture some hilarious moments of Abby like this!

22 Words
  • I really like these aprons from Anthropologie! I'm hoping that one day I'll get good enough to make some like this for people as gifts! Wouldn't that be so neat?!

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