Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 38

38 weeks... also put... 2 weeks to go... yikes!

Am I ready for all this?
I'm not so sure.
But, "no back-sies" as my good friend S would say!

TheBump says that Abby's head could be covered in an inch or so of hair...
hmmmm I had a full head of black hair when I was born... Grant was bald...
I wonder what Abby's beautiful head will look like; hair or no hair?!


  • I went and pampered myself on Monday, with my mom, MIL, and Sisters-in-law. We went and got pedicure's... it was so lovely! And we all went to the Bucks after for some yummy coffee and a great chat! I love spending time with them all together like that!
  • I went on the hospital tour at San Joaquin with my mother. It was wonderful. I felt like such a little smarty-pants though; which made me feel great, but I'm sure irritated the other's to no end. Although my mom prefers to say that all those other people probably had all the same questions and were just afraid to ask, so they were probably thankful that I asked them; which could also be true. But based on the looks on other people's faces, many probably had no clue what I was talking about... which made me feel good. It made me realize that I HAVE learned a lot about the labor and delivery process that many other people don't take the time to do. It made me feel confident about my knowledge and encouraged that it will all be okay; that the things I have learned have definitely given me an up, and I feel really good. There were many questions I had b/c of the natural route I'm choosing to go, and I was really worried that I'd come into a lot of problems. But, upon asking the nurses' they all seemed really positive about some of my requests. I know I won't get everything I want, but they also seemed really positive about some things based on my particular case, and the fact that I have had a really smooth, problem-free pregnancy so far. So, while I may not get everything I desire at the time of delivery, at least it was not shot down right away, it might be an option, and that is enough!
  • I went shopping for the items for my hospital bag this week. I had a lot of fun doing that. I'll have a post coming soon all about the hospital bag, and everyone can recommend items to me that I might have left out at that point.

What the Nurse had to say:
     Well, again, the Nurse didn't have much to say on Friday; that was officially my shortest appt to date. I was in and out within 30 minutes! I gained 2 more pounds, which puts me at 17 pounds of total weight gain. My blood pressure and urine were both good. My belly is measuring right on still; Abby's heartbeat is still great: about 149-150. And that was about it. I elected for no vaginal exam again... if I have a choice, the answer is NO! That business hurt last time she did an exam. And quite frankly, from everything I'm learning in my classes and books, there's not much that the exam will tell me. Yeah, it will tell me if I've begun dilating, how much effaced I am, if at all; but it won't tell me when I'll likely go into labor based on that information. Abby's going to come when she comes; people can be dilated at 3 for several weeks before going into labor. And every exam is just another risk of infection; no thank you.
     Lastly, she said that I did NOT have the look, still.... so she bets she'll be seeing me next week. Again, there's nothing scientific about it, but it's fun. People continue to be shocked when I tell them I only have 2 weeks left, b/c I look too energetic and happy still! hahaha! I guess I'm just content being pregnant! Everything has gone so smoothly so far, and been great!


  • Heartburn still an issue, boo. Pepcid Complete chewable tablets are my best friend every night. I have to restrain myself throughout the day and not eat the whole bottle. 
  • I am having this really irritating pain below my chest, high on my belly. I think it's just my bra pushing into my belly as it grows. It's super painful, and it's getting to the point where it's hurting even when I'm not wearing a bra. That will be one great thing about not being pregnant anymore, hopefully that pain will go away as my belly begins to slim down. 
  • I haven't really gotten very many leg cramps this week, which is nice. Those aren't really too bad since they come and go within 5 seconds, there's not much time to feel the pain. 
  • The swelling in my feet has been under control! They're still a bit on the puffy side, but they are not as bad as they were previously. G has been making fun of me with how much water I've been drinking. I was going down to Bako a lot last week, so I stopped and got the 44oz cup at the gas station full of ice water for my ride home. Upon returning home, I'd just refill it (I like drinking through the straw), and then refill it again. I just thought I was doing a great job drinking water... until G mentioned that I'm overdoing it.... so I added up the ounces.... yeah 132... wow! That IS a lot of water for one day! ahahaha. But it's so much easier to just sip on with the straw. So I've been drinking at least two of the 44 oz a day. Which is nice, b/c I always felt like I wasn't drinking enough water, so I would never drink my beloved milk... but now I can drink milk all night guilt free b/c I've had my water for the day!



  1. So close! Glad the hospital tour went good, I loved all the nurses there!

  2. Oh Meghan I love this picture of you. Very pretty. I am a questioner also so I know how you felt. One time Randy and I went on the Warner Brothers Studio tour and we were just asking, asking asking . Then afterwards Randy said" I just realized we were the only people who said anything during the tour" Hey I am glad they are supporting you and you are ready. Love Mamasita

  3. Meghan!!!! Your baby girl is gonna be here before you know it!
    Don't worry about drinking too much water. You are supposed to drink half your body weight in oz each day. :)
    I can't wait to meet your daughter!

  4. Thanks Carol! I'm proud of myself for asking a bunch of questions, b/c normally I wouldn't have done that. But I figured, this is a pretty important time to ask questions and not care about what others are thinking! ahahah!

    Dawn, then I'm certainly getting enough using that cup! ahahah! Thanks!


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